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"Thou Shalt Never Tell" by PJ Mann - IHIBRP 4-Star Book Review

A Dangerous, Thrilling, & Suspenseful Adventure Into Africa’s Darkest Heart!

Overview: An introverted anthropologist undertakes a dangerous jungle adventure into the darkest heart of Africa in search of a cursed colleague who is being held prisoner by the vengeful and possessive priestess of an undiscovered, elusive tribe.

Author P.J. Mann successfully weaves together a newly burgeoning gay romance, a mission to find a mysterious African tribe believed to be lost to time, and the highly anticipated rescue of a long-lost jungle explorer in her tense Paranormal Suspense novel, “Thou Shalt Never Tell”.

Within this complex plotline, is the story of two men at odds with themselves; introverted anthropologist Kaine Martin, who is a gifted but undiscovered psychic medium plagued by self-doubt, and Jason Murdock, a lost explorer and drunkard, cursed to serve the dark and ruthless priestess whom he loves, Akuna-Ra. Joined by their ardor and interest in anthropological discovery, these two men find themselves wrapped up in a dangerous and enigmatic struggle between magic and reality as the priestess, Akuna-Ra, unrelentingly demands their allegiance, orders them to unquestionably serve her, and prevents them from leaving Africa to return to civilization. Just as compelling as this African adventure becomes, it is the backstories and romantic relationships that Author Mann creates between her characters—Jason Murdock and Akuna-Ra, and Kaine Martin and his new gay lover, Mark, who he met prior to his leaving for Africa, that eventually becomes the key substance of this dark tale.

Mann’s story appears to have been written in one language and translated into English since the text does not read smoothly and the dialogue is jarring and stilted when read aloud. I would suggest that the author could definitely improve this story through the employment of an English editor. The substance of Mann’s story, however, is quite fascinating, sweeping the reader on a dangerous, suspenseful, and thrilling adventure into the darkest heart of Africa. Readers should be aware that this book contains strong language, adult sexual situations, and violence.

Find "Thou Shalt Never Tell" by PJ Mann on Amazon & Kindle here.

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