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“The Yeshua and Miri Novel Series” is a historical-fiction novel series that follows Jesus and Mary Magdalene throughout their lives, beginning in Galilee during the 1st Century C. E. Their deeply personal relationship ultimately discloses a Divine legacy that is kept secret to all but their closest family members and friends.

"The Yeshua and Miri Novel Series” sequentially includes the following five novels:

See descriptions below.

The series also includes The First Christmas: A Yeshua and Miri Novel Series Short released in November, 2017.


“The Yeshua and Miri Novel Series” is a historical-fiction novel series that follows Jesus and Mary Magdalene throughout their lives, beginning in Galilee during the 1st Century C. E. Their deeply personal relationship ultimately discloses a Divine legacy that is kept secret to all but their closest family members and friends.


The first book, “Miriamne the Magdala”, tells the story of the deeply personal love and spiritual relationship that develops between twelve year-old Miriamne and her long-lost cousin—Yeshua bar Joseph. The tale begins with an unexpected reunion of two Jewish Houses and goes on to explain how a family brought together by a seeming circumstance is ultimately tied together by Destiny.

Released: April, 2015


The First Christma


What happened on that very first Christmas day? Were heavenly angels singing praises about a new savior as shepherds looked on in awe as they tended their flocks? Did a magical sign in the heavens lead wise men to a special Child—One who would someday save the world?

Join James bar Joseph as he relives the birth of his brother, Yeshua, and reveals that the miracle of Christmas may not lie in myth and legend, but in the hopes and dreams of a family destined to change the world forever!

Released: November, 2017





In author JB Richards’ exciting second chapter of the Yeshua and Miri Novel Series, "Yeshua the Christ: The Silk Road”, Yeshua and Miriamne leave their home in Galilee to join their uncle, Joseph bar Abram, and his Caravaneers on the road to the Far East. The wonders of Syria, Persia, the Sind, and the Indus fascinate and delight the young couple who, as guests of their sponsor, Prince Ravanna of Orissa, are shown the grandeur of Persia and the Indus as they are treated to the luxuries of palace life.

As a sponsored scholar, Yeshua discovers a whole new system of beliefs among Persia’s Magi and the Brahmana of the Indus. At the Temple at Jagganath, the priests are highly impressed with their young protégé and they entrust him with their most sacred and secret teachings granted only to the privileged few. Yeshua, however, believes no one, including the lower castes, should be excluded from these important teachings, and he challenges his teachers, insisting that—just like the Torah—these sacred writings were meant to be shared with all the people of the world.

When Yeshua decides to leave the Temple after a heated argument with his mentors and sets out on his own, the brash young preacher brings down the wrath of the Chief Lama who immediately censors him and orders him to cease his public teaching. But Yeshua has a will of His own. When he continues to preach the doctrine to the Sudras of the lower caste, and refuses to bow down to the Lama—even upon penalty of death, an assassination plot is hatched by the Brahmana, placing his life, and the lives of his family and friends, in mortal danger!

Will Yeshua escape the Indus unscathed, and if he does, who will pay the price for his betrayal of the Brahmana? Find out in Author JB Richards upcoming novel, “Yeshua the Christ: The Silk Road”.


Coming in 2020!


Yehuda bar Yeshua, more familiarly known to his family and friends as Thomas, knows he has a Sacred Mission to fulfill on this Earth, but his faith in that Mission and in Yeshua is now shaken to its core. His father’s slumped and lifeless body still hangs from the rough wooden cross looming high above him. “This was not the way things were supposed to be,” he murmurs, numb with grief as he looks up at his father’s bloodied and disfigured face. He does not expect an answer, but still, he finds it difficult to leave. He must meet his great-uncle, Joseph bar Abram, who is begging a favor from Roman Praefectus of Judea, Pontius Pilate. “His body must be taken down and buried before Shabbat. Only then can I accomplish my task,” Thomas reminds himself as he looks upon the grieving faces of his grandmother, Mary, his aunt, Sali, and his mother, Miriamne. “I should stay with them, but I have no choice—I must go.”

All weekend, the Romans and the Jewish council conduct intensive searches to arrest those who have ties to the young preacher from Galilee. Pilate and the Head Priest, Caiaphas, agree that anyone associated with Yeshua’s movement must be captured and eliminated—particularly his family members. The frightened disciples gather together in several hiding places throughout Jerusalem, Bethany, and Aramathea to keep vigil while Miriamne, Mary, and Sali, along with Joseph bar Abram and a few of his closest friends, hastily attend to Yeshua’s body. With Shabbat upon them, the men and women return from their grim task, but no one seems to notice that Thomas is missing . . . no one except his cousin, Mark bar Andrew.

Thomas and Mark met only three short years ago, but the two boys have been inseparable ever since. Thomas, his mother, and little sister, Sarah, had accompanied Yeshua to Capernaum to visit his sister, Sali, and her husband, Andrew bar Jonas, just after the family’s return from the Indus. It was there that Mark’s father and his older brother, Simon Peter, helped recruit many of Yeshua’s closest followers—including the two brothers, James and John bar Zebedee, fishermen whom Yeshua had jokingly nicknamed the Sons of Thunder for the ruckus they always caused.

After following his uncle for three years, Mark believes—as his father, Andrew, does—that Yeshua is the Promised One . . . the Messiah. Mark had felt the enormous energy streaming from Yeshua’s body whenever He performed a healing, demonstrated a miracle, or exorcised a demon. But to his amazement, he senses this same energy coming from Thomas from time to time—especially when he gives in to his emotions. Mark suspects that Thomas has inherited his father’s Gift, but he is truly stunned when he goes off in search of his missing cousin and discovers his true identity as a Malach—an Angel of the Lord.

After hearing the rumors of Yeshua’s miraculous resurrection spreading like wildfire across all of Judea and Galilee, the authorities are more determined than ever to root out and destroy the Galilean upstart’s family and followers. In fear for their lives, Miriamne’s uncle, Joseph, and his fellow Sanhendrenite, Nicodemus, work quickly to plan an escape for her and her family. To make the journey together, however, would be too dangerous, and so Miriamne and Sarah—accompanied by her siblings Martha and Lazarus John—are spirited away to Alexandria, Egypt while Thomas and Mark are set upon a familiar road East—one that will take them far from everyone and everything they hold dear . . . back to the very beginnings of Yeshua’s ministry.

Follow Thomas and Mark on the Journey of a lifetime and discover what it means to be a true friend and an Apostle of the Lord in “Thomas the Twin: The Sefer Revealed”


Publication date to be announced.



The Indus is a familiar place to Thomas, and he is happy and relieved to once again be in familiar territory. But Mark finds the road to the Far East taking him further and further away from his beloved family—his father, Andrew, and mother, Sali. Nevertheless, he promises Thomas that he will stick by his side no matter what. Accompanied by Atsu—the big Egyptian body-guard of Thomas’ great-uncle, Joseph bar Abram—the two boys find themselves well taken care of and well guarded as they travel the southern Silk Route through Persia and on to the Indus. But Mark finds Thomas’ melancholy behavior disconcerting as he spends hours and hours off on his own, and he takes to spying on his cousin. When Thomas suddenly transforms, Mark is stunned to see the powerful Malach, Raziel, standing in his place. He can hardly believe his eyes as the Archangel spreads wide his wings and incinerates a whole tract of wilderness—sand dunes, Yuccas, wildlife, and all—in the mere blink of an eye!

Thomas finds it nearly impossible to explain himself, but he finally confesses to Mark that Yeshua’s Mission did not go according to Plan. Subsequently, his own Mission—to clear his name of the indiscretions he was accused of while he was imbedded with the Watchers who sinned against the Lord before the Fall—is a complete and utter failure. Mark vows to help Thomas complete the Mission Yeshua entrusted to him just before He was executed; to preach the Word to the Sudras of the Indus and record His sayings in a Gospel for future generations of the Followers of the Way. He also promises to help Thomas—in any way he can—regain his proper name and place in Heaven.

The Indus holds many wonderful surprises for Thomas and Mark, but decades later, when James’ son, Nathaniel, finally comes in search of them, Mark is more than anxious to return home. Thomas, however, refuses to give up his Mission among the Sudras, forcing his two cousins to make a fateful decision to leave without him. As Mark and Nathaniel prepare to leave Mylapore, they find Thomas in his usual spot, under a Bodhi tree, preaching to a small group of children. Before he can reach Thomas, to try and convince him to return home one last time, Mark catches the glint of a Roman spear spiraling through the air. The authorities from Jerusalem have caught up to them! Too late, Mark sees the tip of the projectile emerge from Thomas’ heart. As Mark holds Thomas in his arms, his beloved friend only has moments to relay a crucial message before he rejoins his Father in Heaven. “Take my Gospel to James, then go to Masada, Mark—Masada!”

After burying their fellow Apostle’s body, Mark and Nathaniel head home. During their trip, Mark is plagued by visions of destruction; a Roman assault on Jerusalem and on a lone fortress in the wilderness—Masada! He sees himself as the last man standing. Although the vision strikes terror in his heart, Mark knows that, no matter what, his first duty is to heed Thomas’ wishes.

Will the Angel’s Gospel be passed on to future generations and can Mark survive the siege at Masada? Find out in “Mark the Scribe: The Angel’s Gospel”.


Publication date to be announced.



A decade has passed since her father’s murder and at 16-years-of-age Sarah finds herself struggling to remember him. Doda Martha and Dod John have told her so many, many stories about him—wonderful tales of him healing the blind, curing the sick, and expelling demons—much the same as the miracles her mother now performs on the people who seek her blessings. From the time she was a little girl, Sarah has watched her mother tirelessly minister to the Followers of the Way. The Magdal eder—the Tower of the Flock as Miriamne is familiarly known, is deeply revered and much beloved by the locals of Narbonnes who seek her out almost daily at the secluded mountaintop grotto dubbed “La Baume”—the Holy Cave.

As time passes for Sarah, her father’s face grows dimmer and his easy smile fades from her memories more and more each and every day. Even Thomas, who appears in her visions on occasion—with his shabby grey wings that look as though they were dipped in red paint—is having a harder time eliciting the memory of their father’s face in the steam of a kettle or the smoke from a campfire. Still, Sarah smiles when she recalls the soft amber glow of Yeshua’s eyes and the gentle voice that always spoke so lovingly to her . . . “My little Nesikha”—My little Princess.

Sarah is a princess—the daughter of the King of Kings, and for several years, her great-uncle, Joseph bar Abram, has been searching for an appropriate mate for her. But, his qualifications have been difficult to live up to. Any prospective husband must be a high-ranking Jew, preferably one who possesses wealth and status, but also demonstrates great wisdom and a keen wit. He must either be a Follower of the Way, or agree to convert and be baptized. After all, the coupling will establish the Master’s Royal Dynasty here on Earth, thereby preparing the world for His return and the establishment of His Kingdom here on Earth.  

Sarah, however, has very different plans for her life. She greatly admires her mother’s ministry and she confides in her, telling her that, more than anything, she wishes to follow in her and her father’s footsteps. She wants to travel the world, preaching the Way and giving those who will heed her words hope—hope of a better Life yet to come. More than anyone, Miriamne understands her daughter’s heart, and she encourages her to choose her own life’s Path. As the two women joyfully embrace, both are unaware that, days ago, Joseph dispatched a courier to retrieve Sarah’s intended, and at that very moment, the young man is in his tent, plume poised to sign the Ketubah—the Marriage Contract!


Will Sarah be bound in marriage to a complete stranger, or will she be allowed to follow her heart and spread her father’s teachings to the people of Gaul—and perhaps beyond?? Find out in “Princess Sarah: Daughter of the King”

Publication date to be announced.

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