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"Promise of the Opal (Gemstones Book 1)" by Lyra Shanti - IHIBRP 5-Star Book Review

A Forbidden Ancient Romance Is Reincarnated!

Overview: Impromptu dreams about a passionate but forbidden affair between a priest and a warrior from ancient China lead a pair of strangers into fulfilling a promise made long, long ago.

With a plotline based heavily on ancient Chinese folklore and mysticism, Shanti pens a memorable tale about two modern-day strangers, Sam and Jon, who are seemingly reincarnated and brought together by Fate in order to fulfill a culturally taboo romance that was interrupted long, long ago. Despite the fact that each has just broken up with their respective lover, and has vowed to remain single for a while, Sam and Jon feel an instant, undeniable attraction the moment they meet. They soon discover that they have been simultaneously sharing the same dreams about a forbidden relationship between a priest and a warrior which leads them to question their own quickly burgeoning romance.

Although Sam and Jon have adequate backstories, it is the two ancient lovers, Ling Sa and Li Gan, that Shanti focuses on for this intriguing transcendental tale—And perhaps, rightly so. The priest and the warrior, representing light and darkness in the forms of a white dragon and a black dragon, are the yin and yang for each other, and the foil for Sam and Jon’s ravishing and impulsive romantic relationship. It is through these two ancient characters, brought to light by their dreams, that Sam and Jon begin to question their own gender identities, sexual preferences, and romantic motives, as well as the foundation of their past, present, and future relationships. As Shanti delves into the personal conflicts and inner turmoil suffered by each character as a result of societal pressures to conform to a certain standard, the author provides a compelling and insightful examination of the inner struggles that many LGBTQA individuals encounter in being forced to hide not only their true sexual identities but the very essence of who they are and whom they choose to love.

In “Promise of the Opal”, Author Lyra Shanti presents a profound ancient metaphysical romance, steeped in Chinese mysticism and folklore. This winding tale is an intimate and touching revelation about a forbidden relationship, once shared by two men brought together by the ravages of war, that transcends the centuries into modern times. Shanti writes a compelling and eye-opening tale that ultimately brings to light the angst and frustration suffered by those dealing with issues concerning sexuality, gender bias and dysphoria. Fans of LGBTQ fantasy, bisexual romance, godpunk, and metaphysical fiction will enjoy this romantic, revealing, and sexually charged story.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find "Promise of the Opal (Gemstones Book 1)" by Lyra Shanti on Amazon & Kindle here.

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