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The First Christmas Book Cover




The First Christmas” was awarded a Golden Squirrel Independent Book Award from Book Squirrel for Best Holiday Themed Novel for 2018!

What happened on that very first Christmas day? Were heavenly angels singing praises about a new savior as shepherds looked on in awe as they tended their flocks? Did a magical sign in the heavens lead wise men to a special Child—One who would someday save the world?

Join James bar Joseph as he relives the birth of his brother, Yeshua, and reveals that the miracle of Christmas may not lie in myth and legend, but in the hopes and dreams of a family destined to change the world forever!

"Ms. Richards builds on the classic story to add an abundance of personality to historic people from the results of extensive research. The interesting enhancements make the story come alive. All the favorites are there including visitors from the East and the fields. In a twist, Mary and Joseph are surrounded by family during their visit to Bethlehem. The intimate details of life at the turn of history allows you to feel a part of their family." —Alan Vandervoort, October 2018


"JB Richards’ short in the genre of historical fiction, “The First Christmas,” shines brightly. Like the Star of Bethlehem, the author’s storytelling prowess relates the most plausible story with regard to the birth of Yeshua, the Christ child destined to become “King of Kings”... highly recommend this illuminating and plausible story infused with realism and steeped in the history of the times, yet very easy to digest by those of us looking for an engaging story with meaningful impact long after the last page has been turned." — Eva Pasco, December 2017


"What a beautiful retelling of the first Christmas story! Richards has masterfully dramatised the family and society into which Yeshua was born, bringing characters and the vivid settings of first century Judea to life so that the reader feels as though they are right there, looking on... this familiar story is intimately and affectionately told in a new and engaging way." — Maple Leaf Aussie, December 2017


“The First Christmas: A Yeshua and Miri Novel Series Short”

by JB Richards


Available on Amazon, Kindle, & Kindle Unlimited

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