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Submission Guidelines

Adding your services or resource articles/blogs to our Indieverse Resource Library is easy. If you choose to have us list your services in the IRL, simply provide the following information for each individual service that you offer:

1. The type of service offered—administrative, book reviews, publishing, marketing, etc.

2. The title or name of your service (Ex: IHI Book Review Project/Jane Doe—P.A./Jane’s Editing Services)

3. A brief promotional description of your service using no more than 1 paragraph of 100 words. (Helpful hint: You may use your mission statement, if you prefer.)

4. An indication of whether your service is free or if there is an applicable fee

5. Your contact linkSend your request to us via email to and list the Subject Line as “Add My Services to IRL!”


Of course, we’ll be more than happy to work with you and refine your IRL service promotion so that it conforms to the specifications of our directory, and your promotion will not be listed in our directory until we receive your final approval. We want to ensure you and your prospective customers will share a positive experience from your IRL listing.


As always, we’re at your service! Please feel free to contact our website team through the “Contact Us” feature on our website or via email should you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you all for your service to our Indie community!

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