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"Venomous: Book 2 of the Dusk Eternal" by Rachael Dunn - IHIBRP 5-Star Book Review

An Ancient Horror Story Steeped In Dark Humor!

Overview: Mwarthes, a former assassin of the Eclipse, has finally earned his freedom. But he’s made enemies, and they’re now coming after him with all the fury of hell. Mwarthes still has his monster in a jar for protection, but Hapi has always responded best to Ashira’s commands. In the meantime, Ashira is beset by enemies after being sent to the capital to ask who will take charge as the deceased Pharoah’s next heir. She needs the support and counsel of someone who isn’t trying to use her for their own ends, but can she truly count on Mwarthes after he resurrected a mindless, ravenous monster he had promised to destroy?

Skillfully written and masterfully executed, Author Rachel Dunn’s “Venomous: Book 2 of the Dusk Eternal” is a bone-chilling journey into an ancient Egyptian myth and legend that, oddly enough, introduces a well-balanced degree of dark humor and farce into a fascinating and creative historical fantasy plotline. Dunn’s two main characters, Ashira—the former peasant girl made powerful and infamous by the long-dead pharaoh who once possessed her, and Mwarthes—the semi-retired assassin intent on protecting his estranged family while keeping a ravenous monster in a jar, couldn’t possibly fit together more perfectly as they assume their respective roles as protector and deceiver. Readers will delight in the many ways they employ to outwit and survive those who seek to destroy them through common and uncommon causes.

As in Book 1, both main characters continue to depend on each other’s magical abilities to stay alive. But, it is the bumbling and inept Mwarthes who robs the spotlight, constantly testing and reinforcing Ashira’s talents, not to mention her patience, across the many miles that separate them as he riotously stumbles from one deadly encounter to the next. Enhancing the terrifying nature and jocularity of Mwarthes’ many misadventures is Hapi, Dunn’s one-of-a-kind monster in a jar, who is hungry to perform an assassination no matter what the time of day—As long as the reward is a satisfying and delicious morsel.

Generously peppered with unique situations, characters, and dark humor, Dunn’s book is appropriate for older teens and adults. I recommend reading this macabre tale not as a standalone read, but in sequential order due to its intricate plotline and diverse characters. “Venomous: Book 2 of the Dusk Eternal” is an ancient monster tale, tailor-made for fans of historical fantasy and occult fiction.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find "Venomous: Book 2 of the Dusk Eternal" by Rachael Dunn on Amazon & Kindle here.

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