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The Curse of the Dragon Stone cover
The Sorceress' Vengeance
Magic Awakens

A dark secret lies at the heart of the Fabiosa family—One that will have a major impact on Prince Kirin’s search for the Dragon Stone and the restoration of his lost kingdom.

As Ejaenin suffers from a terrible curse and her sister-witches try to solve the puzzle of who might be behind it, Zorella’s plot for revenge is already looming over the entire Magical Realm.

Will Kirin and his partner Tyriel be able to find the Dragon Stone in time to save everyone—including themselves?

Don’t miss the continuing saga of The Dragon’s Heir Trilogy, including the following books:

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THE CURSE OF THE DRAGON STONE: The Dragon's Heir Trilogy Book 1

The Curse of the Dragon Stone cover

Betrayed by an ambitious traitor to The Realm and doomed to an unimaginable fate, Prince Kirin of Greynor seeks to avenge his father’s name—not knowing whether the King is alive or dead.


Cursed to live a half-life as both man and dragon, Kirin finds his situation advantageous to his cause until he stumbles upon a massacre where his boyhood friend—a Nephilim named Tyriel—lies horribly maimed and barely alive.


Upon his return to his lair, Kirin learns that he may be able to save Tyriel and restore order to The Realm through a powerful relic called The Dragon Stone. But now, with Tyriel’s life hanging in the balance and the young prince’s fate about to change, will Kirin forsake his quest for revenge and bring himself to choose love over vengeance?

In May 2019, “The Curse of the Dragon Stone” was awarded Top Shelf Magazine’s Indie Book Cover Award in the category of Ebook Fiction.

The Curse of the Dragon Stone is available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.


THE SORCERESS' VENGEANCE: The Dragon's Heir Trilogy Book 2

The Sorceress' Vengeance

As a terroristic threat looms in the distance, Ejaenin falls victim to a deadly curse. Her sister-witches are scrambling to find a cure, but time is running out.


Kirin and Tyriel strive to help the Fabiosa Sisters with their plight, even as they try to convince The Wolf that they share a common legacy.


Meanwhile, the Sorceress, Zorella, schemes to destroy the Fabiosa Clan one-by-one in a terrible plot that will allow her to take vengeance on the man who spurned her and seize control over the entire Realm!

”The Sorceress’ Vengeance: The Dragon’s Heir Trilogy Book 2” is available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.


MAGIC AWAKENS: The Dragon's Heir Trilogy Book 3

Magic Awakens

Even as a new family member is discovered and another is welcomed back into the fold, an unimaginable loss plunges the entire Fabiosa Clan into mourning.


Never has the search for the Dragon Stone been more urgent!


Can Kirin—the true and rightful heir of Greynor—fulfill his destiny and find the Dragon Stone in time to awaken Ejaenin so that she can vanquish the Sorceress Queen, Zorella, and keep her from reclaiming her lost son?


“Magic Awakens: The Dragon’s Heir Trilogy Book 3” by JB Richards—Coming to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, December, 2019!

Follow Author JB Richards & Watch For “Magic Awakens” here.

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