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Tails Always Wins (Chasing Tails Book 1) by C.A. King - IHIBRP 4-Star Book Review

An Involuntary Roundup Of Shifters Heralds A Dangerous New Future!

Overview: A wily and irresistible female fox-shifter named Tails, who’s been mistreated and abused by her egomaniacal guardian, learns of his evil plan to enslave others of their kind to build an army and take over the world.

Author C.A. King pens a dark supernatural thriller in which shifters are subject to horrific bigotry and injustice by human society. Tails, the protagonist at the center of it all, takes it upon herself to learn all she can about her boss’ plans before teaming up with a handsome but naive male shifter, named Brodie, to lead a rebellion, of sorts, and break up the illicit paramilitary organization that kidnapped them. The author’s plotline is quite familiar to paranormal fantasy fans but remains intriguing since there is much danger and excitement included along the way to keep readers interested in this story.

King’s tale is somewhat reminiscent of X-Men with the plotline leading to the inception of Charles Xavier’s school for mutant children. Tails and Brodie become the protectors and guardians of the shifters they rescue from their illegal prison, but instead of a school, they set up a commune that’s somewhat isolated and protected from human society. The story’s villain is an egomaniac, much like Magneto, who wants nothing more than to form an army of shifters and wipe humans off the face of the earth under his command, of course.

Tails, King’s main female protagonist, is a female lead with some depth and a tortured past. But much like many fantasy novel leading ladies, this sexy vixen seems to woo her way into getting what she wants. Tails has to rely on sex, or rather sexual suggestion, to compel her targets to follow her wishes even though she is a smart, street-wise, and savvy shifter who is competent enough to plan a takeover of a para-military facility. It’s almost a shame that her main talent is being sexy and irresistible to men since she has more than enough wits and wiles to get her way.

There is a good degree of originality to this story, and the framework for a simple fantasy plotline is there, allowing for further development of this novel into a series with characters whose shifting skills will keep paranormal fantasy fans interested in this series. I recommend this read for young adult fantasy fans who love shifters who hand out social justice.

Find "Tails Always Wins (Chasing Tails Book 1)" by C.A. King on Amazon & Kindle here.

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