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"Scrooge & the Secret Santa: Klein’s K-9’s Book 4" by Marcia James - IHIBRP 5-Star Book Review

A Holiday-Hating Scrooge Finally Meets His Love Match!

Overview: When Patton Carter, a bah-humbug police dog trainer, falls victim to a car crash that results in a knee replacement and an order for rehab, he hires holiday-loving physical therapist and dog trainer Faith Harmon to move into his house as a combination therapist, caretaker, and dog-sitter. With the holiday season in full swing, Faith, and her therapy dog, Snowball, use the Spirit of Christmas to try and open up Patton’s hardened heart to love and true romance.

The appeal of Marcia James’ heartwarming and sexy holiday romantic comedy, “Scrooge & The Secret Santa”, lies in the stark contrast between her two main characters—Faith, an approachable, cheery, girl-next-door, physical therapist/service dog trainer who loves to help people and make them smile, and Patton, a handsome but standoffish former military man and police dog trainer who not only maintains a stark and regimented life... he has a scowl that could turn even Santa to stone. It’s apparent from the beginning of the story that Faith and Patton’s rivalry and their individual beliefs about life in general, provide an insurmountable barrier to developing any sort of friendship. Putting it mildly, a romantic relationship between the pair just doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in... well, you know.

In a brilliant plotline decision, Author James enlists two spunky canines—Jagger, Carter’s intimidating Belgian Shepherd, and Snowball, Harmon’s sweet and perky Maltese—to provide contrast to her two main protagonists, as well as a great bit of comic relief. These two fun-loving canines have their own special thing going on, helping their owners to see the positive side of living life to its fullest by providing a charming example of what friendship and caring are all about. Author James really kicks up the ante when Faith and Patton suddenly realize that they just might lose each other just as they are becoming aware that their newfound friendship has the potential to transform into a lifelong commitment.

Animal lovers will laugh and cry as Patton and Faith, who just can’t seem to abide by each other, also can’t stop thinking about how great their lives would be if they simply confessed their true feelings to one another. Of course, this comedy of errors leads to upset, but the author would never think to break up a potential romance just before the holidays—Would she?

“Scrooge & The Secret Santa” is a sweet and charming story geared toward hopeless romantics and animal lovers. Author James expands on that special relationship humans have with their pets and points out their innate abilities to save lives. Whether they be a service animal or not—whether they be dog, cat, rat, or lizard—it is our beloved pets that nurture and calm us in times of need... not to mention the fact that they truly make the best matchmakers in the world.

I highly recommend this read for anyone who loves animals, romantic comedies, and feel-good holiday romance novels. This high energy read does contain adult situations and mild adult language. This book is appropriate for ages 17 and up.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find "Scrooge & the Secret Santa: Klein’s K-9’s book 4 (Klein’s K-9’s Service Dogs)" by Marcia James on Amazon & Kindle here.

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