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"Reecah’s Flight - Epic Fantasy Series (Legends of the Lurker Book 1)" - IHIBRP 5-Star Book Review

An Enchanting & Inspiring Fantasy Epic For Dragon-Lovers Everywhere!

Overview: Even as Reecah Draakvriend struggles to fit in with society and unravel the dark secret hanging over her head, she must come to a decision whether to slay an infamous dragon or become a victim of her people. So begins a legendary quest worthy of birthing an epic fantasy heroine.

In “Reecah’s Flight”, Author Richard H. Stephens builds on a uniquely inspired and creative plotline that draws readers into an epic fantasy world they’ll never forget. Spanning the life of a precocious young girl who spends her childhood dreaming about becoming a dragon-rider to her adulthood as an individual who is bullied and shunned by her village simply for being different, “Reecah’s Flight” is an epic fantasy that immerses readers into a complex world of witches, wizards, dragon-hunters and, of course, magical creatures.

As a character, Reecah evolves into a strong female lead after being devastated by the loss of her home and family at a young age. Never losing sight of her ambitions and dreams, Reecah overcomes many impossible obstacles, not to mention the bias and brutality of her peers, to attain her goals through sheer persistence and determination. But, she’s put to the test when she’s given the choice of destroying the very beasts she’s come to admire or face the wrath of those who threaten their very existence.

Author Stephens’ enchanting and inspiring fantasy epic is custom written for anyone who enjoys a unique and challenging adventure that just happens to be led by a strong and capable female role model. The story is also bolstered by the fact that dragons are alive and well, and living in Reecah’s world! The author’s intuitive knowledge of these mythical beasts and their habits imbues this tale with a sense of reality and affinity that will completely delight and fascinate his readers.

I highly recommend “Reecah’s Flight” for fantasy and dragon lovers, ages teen through adult. This imaginative, absorbing, and clever tale stands among my all-time favorite reads and I’m greatly looking forward to reading the entire Legends of the Lurker Series.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find "Reecah’s Flight - Epic Fantasy Series (Legends of the Lurker Book 1)" by Richard H. Stephens on Amazon & Kindle here.

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