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"Murtairean: An Assassin’s Tale" by Jenn Lees - IHIBRP 4-Star Book Review

An Assassin Seeks Redemption In This Futuristic Action Romance!

Overview: In the year 6023, Leyna, a warrior-woman and high-end thief, travels to a hit where assassins gather, intent on finding and killing the one who ruined her life. Meanwhile, Vygeas, a mercenary/assassin who is awaiting execution for desertion is given one final task to win his freedom—Kill a mark to avoid the gallows. Unaware of the assassin’s trade, Leyna stumbles upon Vygeas and hitches a ride with the handsome sell-sword and his page. For a while, all seems well between the two, but Vygeas and Leyna soon uncover a terrible truth that could destroy their newly forged relationship.

Author Jenn Lees elicits the flavor of Middle Age feudal Britain and Scotland in her futuristic action romance, “Murtairean”, as a top assassin seeks redemption for his past.

“Murtairean” focuses on three main protagonists; a bonded assassin (Vygeas), a knight-like anti-hero forced to kill anyone, mostly aristocratic feudal lords, who stand in the way of a warmonger’s quest to rule all; a precocious young lad (Aiden) who serves as Vygeas’ conscripted page—and acts as his conscience; and Lady Layna, a disguised noblewoman on a vengeful pursuit of the man who assassinated her parents. Pursuing the trio is the warmonger’s wizard—the very same man who gave Vygeas supernatural powers that enhance his fighting ability. As Author Lees guides her characters through a four-day trek to Vygeas’ final mark, the assassin and the Lady develop a romantic interest in each other and become a cohesive unit fighting for survival. Paramount to the trio’s mission is Vygeas’ redemption and Layna’s oath to avenge her parents’ murder. But, can they accomplish their goals while being pursued by a dark wizard and his magic?

“Murtairean” may be somewhat predictable for fans of dark knightly tales, but this rousing romantic action/adventure holds the promise of becoming a great novel series. “Murtairean” is a wonderful escapist yarn for readers who love sword and sorcery tales wherein the main character battles for his freedom as he undergoes a transformation from evil to good. “Murtairean” contains depictions of graphic violence, but no more than today’s average teenage comic book fare. I recommend this read for anyone, ages 13 and up.

Find "Murtairean: An Assassin’s Tale: A Novel in the Dal Cruinne Series" by Jenn Lees on Amazon & Kindle here.

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