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More Than a Fantasy (A Fortuna, Texas Novel Book 3) by Rochelle Bradley - IHIBRP 5-Star Book Review

Hijinx & Hilarity Ensue In This Raucous And Rowdy RomCom!

Overview: Finally content being single, second grade teacher Kelly Greene doesn’t need a man screwing up her life—Even a sexy cop like Ben Moore. But in Fortuna, Texas, where men read romance and cosplay is second nature, Kelly has no idea that Ben is already scheming to bring her wildest fantasies alive.

Hi-jinx and hilarity ensue as a pair of lusty couples and the small town they live in gibe a hesitant pair of lovers into making all the right moves in order to secure a long-lasting romantic relationship. What they don’t know is that Ben and Kelly’s relationship is already well underway but hidden under the covers in Rochelle Bradley’s raucous and rowdy romcom, “More Than A Fantasy”—The racy and rowdy third chapter in her Fortuna Texas Novel Series.

With a fast moving plotline that places a secretive couple, who can’t stand to be apart, in the midst of a group of newlyweds eager to get their respective mates between the sheets, Author Bradley hits just the right mix between keeping her frisky characters in line and all out mayhem. A great sense of humor and just the right dose of self-restraint makes leading man and town sheriff, Ben, the perfect foil for his shy and restrained love interest, kindergarten teacher (and best-friend to Jessie and Piper—the two leading ladies of Bradley’s prior chapters in this series), Kelly.

Aside from the a copious amount of hot romance and lots of action between the sheets, “More Than A Fantasy” delivers a series of stories within a story as a woman and her young daughter try to escape the abusive husband who won’t let them go; a former love interest of Kelly’s tries anything to please her and get her back; drag racers pose a significant danger to the entire town; and of course, Ben’s friend and fellow cop, Indigo, starts looking for a love of his own. Through it all, Author Bradley employs plenty of romantic thrills and chills, mystery, suspense, and tons of tongue-in-cheek humor to keep readers riveted to this hilarious and sizzling romantic tale. Fans who love stories about small town romance, close-knit communities, cops in love, romantic comedies, and damsels who are not-so-much in distress will find this absorbing read checks all the right boxes.

This novel does contain strong language, graphic sexual situations, and violence. Survivors of domestic abuse may be triggered by certain scenes in this story.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find "More Than a Fantasy (A Fortuna, Texas Novel Book 3)" by Rochelle Bradley on Amazon & Kindle here.

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