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"From The Ashes: An Epic Medieval Fantasy Series" by S.L. Briden - IHIBRP 5-Star Book Review

A Wonderfully Intricate, Memorable, Engaging Sword & Sorcery Tale That’s Sure To Please!

Overview: For David and Andrew—two of the best knights that the Phoenix Order has to offer—it was a simple mission... Escort Arread—a powerful young sorceress whose mystic abilities could make her the ultimate weapon in the coming war—to safety at the Order’s fortified citadel. But in the midst of oncoming war and a budding romance, David and Arread are swept up in an ancient prophecy from which there may be no escape.

Chivalry is alive and well in this rousing tale about Arthurian Britain as an orphaned boy finds himself suddenly indoctrinated into a special order of knights. As David and his rival, Andrew, rise to the top of the ranks, and the kingdom falls into darker days, it is left to the powerful and prestigious Order of the Phoenix to protect the people and uphold the laws set forth by the King and his Knights of the Round Table.

S.L. Briden’s “From The Ashes” presents an epic sword and sorcery tale that creates vivid imagery about the days of yore while depicting a fractured kingdom tenuously ruled by King Arthur. The author’s primary characters are as fascinating as they are relatable, compelling, and well thought out. Briden’s expansion on the Camelot saga is exceptional, involving a feudal kingdom that has yet to become one and characters that are ruled by various religions, rival lords, and ideals.

In “From The Ashes”, Briden achieves the perfect balance of good and evil, dedication to duty, and rivalry and romance. David and Andrew exemplify the trials associated with rising through the ranks as they pit each other against themselves as well as their enemies. At first, the fledglings false bravado and competitive natures may fail to impress, but readers will revel in their silly antics and naivety as they eventually come into their own. As the rivalry between her two would-be knights strengthens and maturity takes hold, the bonds of friendship between David and Andrew strengthen, but jealousy issues still prevail. The frustration between the three characters comes to a head as the trio is ordered to become a singular fighting team, and while romantics will enjoy the sexual tension that develops between the beautiful sorceress, Arread, and David, action/adventure fans will revel in David’s rivalry with Andrew, as well as the ardor with which, together, they defeat their foes.

While battles rage and threats become more frequent, the tension created by forbidden love becomes a key component in this novel for David’s angst over his love for Arread may either be a threat to their mission or the cause of their success. In “From the Ashes”, Briden strikes the perfect balance between romance and action/adventure to deliver a high-spirited story well worth the read. Complete with wizards and warriors, sorceresses and seers, and knights and villains, Briden writes a wonderfully intricate, memorable, and engaging tale that’s sure to please. Oh... And, have I mentioned the dragons?

“From The Ashes” does contain graphic violence and adult language, but no more than the average teenage read. This book is also written in British English and contains British Grammar. I highly recommend this thoroughly engaging and action-packed novel for anyone, ages 13 and up, who loves sword and sorcery, medieval action/adventures, Arthurian folklore, and forbidden romance.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find "From The Ashes: An Epic Medieval Fantasy Series" by S.L. Briden on Amazon & Kindle here.

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