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"For They Shall Wait" by Alan Zacher - IHIBRP 4-Star Book Review

A Collection Of Three Dark Romantic Comedy Short Stories With A Twist!

Overview: “For They Shall Wait” features a collection of three separate short stories about individuals who are each waiting for something—In the first story, a college-nerd desperately wants to lose his virginity; in the second story, a young man wants to have sex with a girl who won’t “do it” unless they’re engaged; and in the final story, an elderly woman has spent a lifetime fearing arrest after committing murder.

Alan Zacher provides a humorous albeit a rather juvenile look into the lives of three people who are in various stages of their lives. Each of these three protagonists has one thing in common—They each remain unfulfilled and disappointed with some aspect of their life. Awkward dating and calamitous sexual situations lead these three characters to take actions that they might not otherwise have taken, but for the promise of receiving sex/love escalates beyond their control.

In his first story, Author Zacher focuses on college life, hazing, the pressures put upon males to be virile, and bullying. His second tale depicts a man desperate to mate with a beautiful woman who has him so wrapped around her little finger that he’ll do anything just to have sex with her; including undergoing a possible religious conversion and pledging himself in marriage. Zacher’s third story is a real killer... An older woman falls in love only to discover she is being used by her partner to set up a theft at the department store where she works.

Each of Zacher’s dark romantic comedies builds up a sense of anticipation and excitement as the plotline moves along, however the characters’ views on having sex and forming a potential lifelong bond with their love interests are rather sophomoric, and—in two of the stories—downright crass. All three of his characters are naive, gullible, overeager, and highly subject to suggestion. They each have various degrees of low-self-esteem, and they see the possibility of having any type of sexual encounter to the exclusion of all else as they bungle their way through intimate relationships, crash, and burn.

Despite the humor of his characters’ individual situations, Zacher elicits from his readers a certain amount of empathy toward each of his leads and, in some cases, outrage at the situation they've allowed themselves to be placed in. Each tale leaves the reader with an invaluable valuable lesson—If something seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

Alan Zacher’s “For They Shall Wait” is a short story, dark romantic comedy collection that can be read in less than an hour. These tales do contain bullying, rough language, sexual situations, and some violence. I recommend this read for those who enjoy Dark Comedy and Comedy Romance with a touch of suspense.

Find "For They Shall Wait" by Alan Zacher on Amazon & Kindle here.

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