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"Cooking for Halflings & Monsters, Volume 2" by Astrid Tuttle Winegar - IHIBRP 5-Star Book Review

A Fantasy-Based Cookbook Worth Its Weight In Dragon's Gold!

Overview: Featuring grown-up comfort food inspired by the Land of Enchantment and peppered with pop culture references to other literary and cinematic worlds, Astrid Tuttle Winegar’s quirky fantasy-based cookbook bursts with yummy recipes that evoke a homey sense of warmth and community.

“A Year of Comfy, Cozy, Soups l, Stews, and Chilis: Cooking for Halflings & Monsters” is the second volume in Tuttle Winegar’s fantasy-based cookbook collection. Filled with clear and concise recipes for sumptuous concoctions and accompanied by literary notes, funny anecdotes, historical references, the author’s personal reflections, pen & ink illustrations, and vivid photographs, this cookbook is quite literally worth its weight in dragon gold.

Like her first volume in the Cooking for Halflings & Monsters Collection, Tuttle Winegar starts with the basics, providing information on measurements, basic food handling, and more. Although most of her recipes are influenced by Southwest cuisine, she lends instructions on the classic cooking methods, such as the French method of how to make a basic roux and mirepoix—A necessary base for most soups, stews, and sauces.

I had the pleasure and opportunity to personally test out some of the offered fares on family and friends and found that these soups, stews, and chilis were quite capable of warming the tummy, heart, and soul. Among my personal soup favorites were “Awesome Avgolemono”—aka Greek Lemon & Rice Soup, “Mmm... So Spicy Miso Soup—aka Pho Pho, and “Sopa de la Burquenos—an unctuous Green Chili Chicken Soup. We also enjoyed the “Buffins”—a delicious biscuit-muffin hybrid, which makes a perfect accompaniment to soups, stews, and chilis. Recipes for the chef’s homemade Tortillas, “Epic Iron Skillet Cornbread”, and Naan are next on my list, and I’m looking forward to making Tuttle Winegar’s “Saffron Madness Soup” for a special meal to be served at an upcoming fete this weekend.

Although Tuttle Winegar’s new cookbook contains a great variety of soups, there is a lesser concentration of stews and chilis. Home-chefs will find that the recipes for all these dishes are well-thought-out, intricately explained, and colorfully imaged. At the time I reviewed this cookbook from the Kindle version, there were some issues with missing titles on a few of the recipes, but each contains a foreword from the author that explains what it is you will be making.

From classic stocks to innovative Tex-Mex and Asian cuisine, “A Year of Comfy, Cozy, Soups l, Stews, and Chilis: Cooking for Halflings & Monsters, Volume 2” spans cultural cuisine and sates appetites for homey comfort food that can be enjoyed by all—Especially Halflings and monsters. The Ebook version of this cookbook works quite well in preparing each dish, however, any home-cook that there’s nothing like having a good old hardcover on your counter to help you along. The beauty of a cookbook is that it makes a great heirloom for future generations and I intend on ordering the hardcover for my own cookbook collection, as well as a few more editions to present as fanciful but useful gifts. I highly recommend this beautiful cookbook for anyone who loves reading about fantasy fare or preparing satisfying and comforting meals for friends and family.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find "A Year of Comfy, Cozy, Soups l, Stews, and Chilis: Cooking for Halflings & Monsters, Volume 2" by Astrid Tuttle Winegar on Amazon & Kindle here.

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