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"Aries Jones (Never Forgot Book 3)" by Robin Rance - IHIBRP 5-Star Book Review

A Dynamic Romance About Living Life After Tragedy & Coping With Significant Loss!

Overview: A financially-insecure, sassy young server, with responsibilities far surpassing her age, finds solace and guidance in an emotionally embattled Afghani war veteran hired to renovate the failing restaurant where she works.

In the touching and powerful third romance novel of Author Robin Rance’s Never Forget Series, “Aries Jones”, the former soldier who consistently becomes a hero to those in need finally rectifies past losses, faces up to living life with PTSD, and finds his life’s purpose. In this absorbing romance novel, Brenna Faith—an overwhelmed but feisty 22-year old restaurant server who is secretly raising her precocious 4-year-old sister—is pitted against Aries Jones—a former soldier with a penchant for finding himself in the right place at the right time and who possesses a heart of gold.

With this unlikely pair butting heads and sass-talking each other from the moment they meet, one would think it unlikely that they would ever see eye to eye on anything. But, Author Rance uses all of Brenna and Aries’ current flaws, as well as their past tragedies, to craft a rocky yet romantic love story. Readers will enjoy following Rance’s main protagonists as they evolve from a bumpy friendship that tosses them from trial to tribulation into an unbreakable bond of trust that will forever change their lives and the lives of those around them.

Rance’s plotline stands up well given the nature of Aries’ problems with PTSD. The author provides a strong statement of understanding and support in dealing with this oftentimes misunderstood mental health issue. Knowing Aries’ state of mind is altered during heightened times of sadness, anger, and other repressed experiences, his vivid, and sometimes dangerous, flashback episodes cause Brenna and friends to rally around him for support rather than simply letting him be. The actions that are taken to save Aries from his mental anguish and self-imposed prison provide a beautiful model for those suffering from PTSD issues in real life. Likewise, when Brenna is forced to confront sexual abuse issues connected to her own past, Aries accompanies his counterpart on an emotional journey whereby both are connected to the pain and healing that can occur in order to bring them closer together.

One of the most difficult areas in an author’s writing is getting the dialogue between characters to flow smoothly, and Rance’s character conversations do sound a bit stilted and disjointed when read aloud. For romantics, this is a minor point, considering the high quality of the story and the endearing nature of the author’s characters, while the fragmented nature of the characters’ speech in certain areas might be an issue for some readers.

“Aries Jones” is a dynamic read that deals with family relationships, living life after tragedy, and learning to cope with significant losses. Although “Aries Jones” is part of a series, Rance’s reflections about her main character’s past guarantees that this book qualifies as an understandable and enjoyable stand-alone read. I recommend this novel for anyone, ages 17 and up, who loves Military Romance or Women’s Contemporary Romance.

This novel should be read with discretion since it can act as a trigger for survivors of sexual violence and those dealing with PTSD.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find "Aries Jones (Never Forgot Book 3)" by Robin Rance on Amazon & Kindle here.

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