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"Above Ascension: Magical Realism Fantasy (Book Eight)" by Amy Proebstel - IHIBRP 5-Star Book Review

Proebstel’s Exciting & Complex Magical Multi-Generational Fantasy Continues!

Overview: Only eight days are needed to bring everything together in the lives of the Stel family. But when Jena and Juila come face-to-face with their worst nightmares, can they overcome the darkness threatening to overtake them?

In this mind-blowing eighth chapter of Amy Proebstel’s Levels of Ascension Series, Amanda’s plans are finally coming together for her and her family when Fate suddenly rears its ugly head, threatening to destroy everything she’s worked so hard to achieve. In a complex plotline that has led the entire series to this point, Proebstel seamlessly blends together her multi-generational saga, answering a multitude of questions about alien dynasties, psychic powers, empathic abilities, interdimensional travel, and alternate realities as she sets up an incredible mystery thriller for her characters to solve within an incredible eight-day, run-for-your-life marathon.

Proebstel presents a truly exciting journey for fans of this series. Amanda, husband Riccan, and their daughters definitely have their work cut out for them in reestablishing a new colony that disappeared centuries ago and uniting the found samaras—Crystal Skulls—with their owners. Meanwhile, Neal (aka Nealon) is starting to recover memories lost in transit during his travels between Tuala and Earth as other families separated by the two dimensions are finally being reunited. Valentina experiences a life-changing event that impacts her future, Evan as Willian begins an unwelcome search for his missing betrothed, Jena.

In the telling of this story, Proebstel does an excellent job steering each character’s separate course while keeping focused on her main plotline. Her characters are highly relatable, interactive, and engaging—And, each has something huge to gain or lose from the circumstances presented to them. The author truly sets the stakes as high as they can get in one of the tensest chapters in her Levels of Ascension Series.

Because of the complex nature of this series’ overall plotline and the immense diversity of characters involved, I strongly urge readers to begin the Levels of Ascension Series with the first book and work their way up in sequential order to this chapter. This is a fast-paced, action-packed, and absorbing series for readers, and each novel can be read within just a day or two. I highly recommend this read for anyone who loves Sci-fi, Epic Fantasy, and Magical Realism that tell an exciting and complex multi-generational story.

“Above Ascension” does contain adult situations and violence. Rape survivors, in particular, should exercise discretion reading this novel since it may act as a trigger to their own experiences.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find "Above Ascension: Magical Realism Fantasy (Book Eight)" by Amy Proebstel on Amazon & Kindle here.

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