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"Different World: Part 5 of The Ambition & Destiny Series" by VL McBeath - IHIBRP 5-St

An Amazing Generational Family Saga Comes To An Epic Conclusion!

Overview: Inspired by a true story, Different World is the final book in The Ambition & Destiny Series, a five part family saga set in Victorian-era England. In this final chapter, William-Wetherby seeks a new life far from home after a bitter family breakdown. But, being rid of his controlling and overbearing step-father, Mr Wetherby, isn’t as simple as it seems.

Master storyteller, VL McBeath, approaches the final chapter of her incredibly rich and descriptive Ambition & Destiny Series with as much historical detail and accuracy as the preceding four chapters, presenting her readers with all the pomp and circumstance, trials and tribulations, struggles and scandals, we’ve all come to expect from the fractured and polarized Wetherby family. The author inserts her characters within the tapestry of Victorian England with great care as she brings to light the important issues of the times, focusing particularly on the struggles of women in regard to self-governance and independence, family dynamics, mental and physical health, and their overall place in society while simultaneously demonstrating men’s demeaning and oftentimes callous attitudes toward their plights.

This tale can be categorized as absorbing, compelling, inspiring, and suspenseful, but it is anything but mindless and boring. Over the few days it took me to read this particular installment of McBeath’s series, I found myself scrambling to pick up this amazing read every spare moment I could.

As is standard for VL McBeath’s Ambition & Destiny Series, notes about customs, politics, currency, and ethnicity, along with genealogical charts describing the characters’ places in the family, greet readers at the beginning of the story, providing a quick review and introduction to the world of the Wetherby family. The author also includes a quick and helpful recap of past events in order to orient the reader as to where this epic tale last left off.

At 680 pages, “Different World” is certainly a hefty read, but big books have a way of pulling readers into the lives and times of their characters that short stories often miss. Every moment of this absorbing final chapter in The Ambition & Destiny Series is crucial to wrapping up VL McBeath’s amazing family saga, and I, for one, am truly astonished at not only the depth and span of this story but the brilliant, well-rounded characters this author has developed based on her own family records. I cannot say enough about the high quality of McBeath’s writing, the introspective nature of her characters, or her focus on women’s plights and rights during the 19th-century. I highly... HIGHLY recommend “Different World”, and the entire Ambition & Destiny Series, to romantics and history buffs ages 17 and up.

Readers Note: The Ambition & Destiny Series consists of 5 books that form one story. Each ends with a crucial cliffhanger, thus it is recommended that the series be read in sequential order. These books are written in UK English, adding to the richness of the dialogue and text.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

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