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"Ties of Blood and Bone: The Second Book of Binding (The Books of Binding 2)" by A.E. Lowa

Imaginative, Dangerous, Magical, And Everything You Could Want In A Superlative Dark Fantasy!

Overview: Winter Mulcahy’s life has improved considerably since her recent brush with death. But when she meets and falls in love with Aldrich, a wizard who has the soul of a poet and the heart of a demon, the couple is already painfully aware that time is running out on them.

Imaginative, dangerous, magical, and everything else you would want to experience in a superlative dark fantasy tale is bound between the pages of A.E. Lowan’s “Ties of Blood and Bone”.

Lowan pens a plotline worthy of a true epic as wizards, witches, and fae come together to battle demons and protect both their world and ours from endless and total corruption. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in Lowan’s plotline with the insertion of such a rich culture, tradition, and history woven into the story. That the author introduces the reader to such an endless diversity of magical folk—dark and light, each with their own backstories and experiences, provides a major talking point, bringing this rich tale to heights reached only by authors like J.R.R. Tolkien and George R.R. Martin.

Lowan’s lengthy cast of characters provides endless entertainment and interest for the reader. Each cast member is easy to identify, endearing, and vital to the telling of this tale. Those individuals who possess unique magical gifts or traits seem as real as everyday people and everyday figures learn that magic can be found within if one only looks for it. Just as I did, most readers will find themselves strongly identifying with a particular character, not only wishing they had their skills, but dreaming about what their own place would be in this unique and absorbing world that Lowan has created.

This book does contain graphic violence and adult situations that may be a trigger for survivors of violence or sexual abuse. However, I strongly recommend “Ties of Blood and Bone” for anyone (ages 17 and up) looking for the best reads in dark fantasy epics.

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Find "Ties of Blood and Bone: The Second Book of Binding (The Books of Binding 2)" by A.E. Lowan on Amazon & Kindle here.

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