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"Burden of Truth: Sequel to After the Green Withered" by Kristin Ward - IHIBRP 5-Star Book

An Edgy & Powerful Dystopian Thriller!

Overview: Armed with knowledge and honed into a weapon for the resistance, Enora Bynes leaves the watchful eyes of the all-powerful Company and enters a society barely surviving on the fringes. Life beneath the surface brings her face to face with a world struggling to survive, and it is that revelation that causes her to make a fateful choice—to fight alongside the rebels and become what she had been trained to hunt—A traitor.

Kristin Ward pens an edgy and powerful dystopian thriller in the second chapter of her After the Green Withered series, “Burden of Truth”. With bleak hopes for the future of humankind, a world teetering on the edge, and oppositional forces trying hard to overcome the current regime, Ward leads readers on a dire quest to save humanity as seen through the eyes of a young woman fated to be a leader, but who still struggles with her own internal demons.

Ward’s main protagonist, Enora, is the type of heroine most of us can identify with—She is caring, trustworthy, and hopeful. Yet, in a world where families are pulled apart and children are trained to kill other children, Enora is a regretful fighter but a stolid survivor. After witnessing a horrific scene involving genocide (in Book 1 of “After the Green Withered”), Enora escapes the Company, the ruling elite responsible for the degradation and denigration of society, and joins an underworld of freedom fighters. All she knows from her prior life as a recruit is how to kill, and compared to the wealthy Company that honed her skills as a Pathfinder, the rebels are a sorry lot. Still, there is leadership within these ranks and she hopes for a better way of life. When her primary assignment for the rebels-to protect a genetically engineered child—goes awry, she must make an impossible decision between life and death.

In Enora, Author Ward presents a strong and admirable, risk-taking female lead who is, at the same time, vulnerable to her thoughts and emotions. Although Enora has been brainwashed and trained to be a killer operative for the Company, she retains that part of her that is still very much human and fights against her programming to become a warrior of hope for the 99%. Ward provides a view into Enora’s mind, heart, and soul as she leads her character into danger time and again, only to escape the depths of despair like a phoenix rising from the ashes. In the end, like every great heroine, Enora must admit the reality of her situation and face her demons as Author Ward places her in an impossible situation in which her decisions will have major consequences on whether humankind will survive or not.

Ward’s tale is rather macabre in depicting the descent of humankind and the rise of human hybrids, but science is already moving forward with new discoveries such as genetic engineering, biological implants, and drugs that modify behavior. These very methods (gene therapy, body enhancement and reconstruction, etc.) are already employed by today’s medical professionals and militaries across the globe. The problem Ward so eloquently points out in her series is whether these medical marvels will prove to be a benefit or harm to our future world.

In the end, “Burden of Truth” provides a cautionary tale of what could happen to our own world if we allow privilege, political and corporate corruption, bigotry, and hatred to go unchecked. This book series appeals to a specific audience, and I highly recommend this read for dystopian fantasy lovers above the age of 17, and for those who dabble in speculations about the future of the human race.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find "Burden of Truth: Sequel to After the Green Withered" by Kristin Ward on Amazon & Kindle here.

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