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"Graysen Cooper" by Robin Rance - IHIBRP 5-Star Book Review

An Abused Young Mother Gets A Second Chance At Love!

Overview: An abused wife and mother’s life is about to change when she meets a handsome and chivalrous young stranger who is willing to defend her against her loathsome and cruel husband.

From the very onset of her story, Author Robin Rance delves into the issue of domestic violence, confronting the issue head-on as she depicts the life of Elizabeth—a young, 1940’s wife and mother who is housebound and held hostage by her drinking, cheating, gambling, and abusive brute of a husband, and Graysen Cooper—her single, young new neighbor and would-be knight in shining armor.

Rance’s plotline represents well the historic period in which her story takes place. The book presents a clear picture of urban life in the 1940’s with families occupying tenement dwellings and sharing close quarters with neighbors and other families, wives dependent on their husbands for income and support, limited transportation, and restricted health and social services. Rance’s period characters hold great relevance in the history of modern American society in that they are easily recognized and relatable, and they fit the lifestyle and roles to which they are assigned.

Expanding on the psychology of domestic abuse—the denial, the lack of control, the ostracism from friends and family, the hope that things will get better, the self-esteem issues, the physical and emotional violence—and the harsh toll it takes on its victims, Rance undeniably and unabashedly outlines an all-too-familiar legacy that has affected millions of domestic abuse survivors—women and children—who continued to experience the ongoing stress and trauma associated with their horrific ordeal. Although this story may be a trigger for those individuals who have either suffered or been exposed to domestic abuse, it also provides a positive glimpse into how these issues can be dealt with and overcome.

Taking into account the trigger-warning, I highly recommend this novel for domestic abuse counselors, educators on women’s issues, family counselors, sociologists, and survivors of domestic abuse who are looking for insight into their own stories. Since this book deals with adult themes, I recommend it for ages 17 and up.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find "Graysen Cooper" by Robin Rance on Amazon & Kindle here.

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