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"Christmas Miracle on Thanksgiving (The Christmas Miracle Series Book 7)" by RM Gauthier -

A Relationship In Jeopardy With The Holidays Around The Corner!

It’s Thanksgiving! But after Jack recently uncovered the hidden secrets of Charlotte’s past, he’s not certain whether or not he’ll be attending the planned get-together for family and friends-let alone move ahead with any wedding plans for Christmas Day. With Charlotte so angry about her past being revealed and barely acknowledging Jack’s existence, Thanksgiving seems nothing but a pipe dream for now... as does their future plan to be married.

RM Gauthier writes a heart-breaking yet hopeful tale in her Thanksgiving chapter of the Christmas Miracle Series as Jack, who is plagued with remorse and regrets about his unwanted intrusion into his fiancée Charlotte’s life, continues to justify his actions despite the many hurt feelings he caused. As he slowly realizes he was in the wrong and suffers the absence of his lady-love during this very special time of year, Jack undergoes a mental breakdown that will set any reader on edge.

With highly-engaging characters, a terrific plotline, and a happy future for a couple who truly belong together at stake, Gauthier pens a heartfelt and suspenseful read in “Christmas Miracle on Thanksgiving”, and readers are guaranteed to assume an edge-of-your-seat attitude as Jack drives himself to despair over what he considers to be the certain loss of his future with Charlotte. The author applies even more pressure with the holidays just around the corner and important new characters literally showing up at the last minute, tossing a wrench into everyone’s plans.

“Christmas Miracle on Thanksgiving” is a continuation of the Christmas Miracle Series, and I highly recommend this novel be read in order, but the story is also substantial enough to suffice as a stand-alone read. This novel is appropriate for romantics, holiday, and mystery lovers ages 15 and up.

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Find “Christmas Miracle on Thanksgiving (The Christmas Miracle Series Book 7)” by RM Gauthier on Amazon & Kindle here.

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