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“Waking Up Dead (Life After Book 1)” by Amanda Fasciano - IHIBRP 5-Star Book Review

Policing The Veil Between The Living & The Deceased Can Be Deadly!

Author Amanda Fasciano pens a breath-taking, edge-of-your-seat horror thriller in “Waking Up Dead (Life After Book 1)”.

When Detective Cadence Riley is killed in the line of duty, she suddenly finds herself in an afterlife where she’s quickly recruited into an oversight group that monitors haunted sites and makes sure that the spirits don't give too much away to the living. The idea of a police force patrolling the boundary between life and the afterlife is nothing new to horror fans (see the 2013 film R.I.P.D. starring Jeff Bridges & Ryan Reynolds which is based on the popular Dark Horse Comics’ R.I.P.D. series). But, Fasciano’s own take on this concept results in a huge leap forward toward understanding and dealing with the devastating loss and regret that oftentimes exists between humans and their recently deceased loved ones. As the author considers what boundaries individuals would be willing to cross to contact a former love interest, gain notoriety, or seek revenge, Fasciano highlights her unique and imaginative tale with a haunted hospital, ghostbusters, clandestine organizations, dark rituals, cantankerous spirits, and life—or in this case—death-sucking demons.

What makes Fasciano’s story so fascinating and insightful, is the rich and diverse background information she provides for each of her characters—no matter how significant a role they might play. Through the eyes of her lead character, Cadence, whose snappy and peppered dialogue is filled with morbid humor, we learn not only about navigating life in the afterlife, but how the living who are left behind cope with death and receive messages from the dearly departed. While her secondary characters are mostly concerned with the continuation of their afterlife journey and where they’re likely to end up, newly-deceased Cadence’s immediate concerns include not just where she is going to reside, but how she can contact her deceased relatives, how to transport herself—or other items—from one place to another in the blink of an eye, and whether cable TV is available to her for free or not.

“Waking Up Dead (Life After Book 1)” does contain some dark thrills, edgy situations, and graphic violence, but no more than the usual Goosebumps tale or PG-rated film. This first chapter, of what I predict will be a popular continuing series, is a shockingly great read for horror, thriller, and paranormal fans ages 13 and up.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find “Waking Up Dead (Life After Book 1)” by Amanda Fasciano on Amazon & Kindle here.

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