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“The Girl With Acrylic Eyes: Coppelia’s Story (The Sophont Trilogy Book 1)” by Greg Krojac - IHIBRP

A Chilling Sci-Fi Saga With A Moral Dilemma!

Author Greg Krojac shines a light on what is certain to be a controversial topic in the future of humanity in his Sci-Fi thriller, “The Girl With Acrylic Eyes”... Artificial intelligence, aka AI. This futuristic novel begins with an in-depth police investigation as to the origin of what appears to be a unique and mysterious female sexbot who—against her basic programming—is claiming to have been raped, and turns into a noble quest that will forever affect the course of humanity.

Krojac’s main protagonists are quite realistic and draw much empathy from readers while his secondary characters tend to be a bit stereotypical. Although the plotline of this story is at first dark and seedy as a detective and her team become embroiled in an investigation into the sex industry’s lurid black market and dangerous corporate underworld, the twists and turns in this page-turning tale will keep readers on edge and guessing as to the true intent of Coppelia’s makers. While the detective leading off the investigation, Karen, develops an affinity for, and later a close-knit relationship with her AI victim, Krojac springs surprise after surprise on his readers as Coppelia’s questionable background emerges. The author closely examines the ethics and morality surrounding the development of an artificial life-form whose special purpose is to serve and please its owners. Once the shocking truth of Coppelia’s purpose is revealed and the highly-engaging, intrepid android is sent off on a troubling solo voyage to secure the future of the human race, further ethical issues come up regarding the future sovereignty of artificial life forms and whether they are disposable or have the right to control their own destinies.

In the telling of his story, Krojac presents several scenarios in which sexbots, that are mass manufactured for private use, are sold and distributed to the public on the common mass market. As with any product in high demand, a global black market clandestinely tweaks these artificial beings to go beyond their programming and serve their masters in ways which were not intended by the law. “The Girl With Acrylic Eyes” does contain sexual situations, including non-graphic references to sexual-deviation between owners and their AIs—including sexual abuse and pedophilia.

The overall theme of this novel, however, is Coppelia’s life-purpose which clearly develops into an incredibly noble humanitarian goal. Although I urge caution for individuals who are sensitive to sexual rights and sexual abuse issues, I highly recommend this read for any avid Sci-Fi fan ages 18 and up.

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Find “The Girl With Acrylic Eyes: Coppelia’s Story (The Sophont Trilogy Book 1)” by Greg Krojac on Amazon & Kindle here.

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