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“Light’s Rise (Light in the Darkness Book 1)” by Yvette Bostic - IHIBRP 5-Star Book Review

A Riveting Apocalyptic Fantasy!

After Darian, a scout in the Imperial Austrian Army, learns the people of his village have been abducted and are missing, he suddenly finds himself exhibiting supernatural powers and is conscripted to a celestial council leading the charge against humanity’s greatest threat… Demons.

Non-stop action and adventure defines Author Yvette Bostic’s “Light’s Rise”—a dark fantasy thriller that introduces its story against the backdrop of Imperial Austria during Europe’s devastating Napoleonic Wars (1803–1815). Bostic’s work, drawn upon angelic lore, is filled with darkness and despair as a scourge of demons leads entire villages to their doom, posing a much greater threat to humanity than any worldly army could provoke. And yet, amidst all this suffering, Bostic focuses on the anguish of one man, Darian, bringing home the message that it is up to individuals to take up their yoke and fight for right.

In Darian, “Light’s Rise” presents a character who is, almost to a fault, strong-willed and loyal. Darian summons the best abilities in himself to overcome tremendous odds, and although he seldom disappoints his commanders, there are times when he suffers tremendous personal losses that seem nearly too much to bear. In this way, Bostic creates—in essence—a tragic hero.

The author continues to allow her main character to grow at a pace that readers can appreciate, and Darian is graced with powers beyond imagination. Yet, he remains level-headed and fixed on his true purpose—to save humanity from evil. Readers will appreciate his introspective dialogue as he tries to reconcile what is happening to himself—and humankind—against the backdrop of a war that may be impossible to win and the threat of global annihilation. As Bostic sweeps her lead character across the world, from one harrowing battle to the next, she instills in him—and perhaps her readers, too—a sense of patriotism, loyalty, and a call to duty that is seldom achieved in standard Fantasy novels.

Bostic’s tale is certainly populated by a host of colorful and endearing heavenly heroes bound together with her protagonist in a well-constructed plotline with a highly-tenuous and seemingly impossible goal. Although there are inexplicable shifts on behalf of the author in her writing, in that it unexpectedly jumps from a third-person read to first-person, and there are a few grammatical errors, the overall enjoyment of the read remains unaffected.

“Light’s Rise” is a highly-entertaining page-turner that’s hard to put down and makes for an exciting weekend or vacation reading. Since this story does contain graphic violence and adult situations, I highly recommend this epic tale for fantasy lovers, action fans, and adventurists ages 17 and up.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find “Light’s Rise (Light in the Darkness Book 1)” by Yvette Bostic on Amazon & Kindle here.

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