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“When I Died (Archangel Secrets Book 1)” by Elizabeth Eckert - IHIBRP 4-Star Book Review

A Unique Look Into The Afterlife!

Eckert writes a provocative and compelling story of a world—not unlike our own... A world doomed to destruction unless one person—Adrianna—can stop the evil that threatens it’s existence. Eckert’s plotline is filled with metaphysical undertones, giving readers a unique look at an Afterlife that can be compared to the Christian Limbo—a heavenly waiting room where souls bide their time until the Second Coming when they will gain entry into Heaven. Eckert has shaped a strange and wonderful tale around this place, taking this stationary and static existence and supplanting it with one that can be impacted by the motivations of a single group of individuals—along with one redeeming angel.

Many will read “When I Died” and find a satisfying romance in this fantasy tale. But on a deeper level, Eckert’s story presents a thought-provoking journey of the soul that generates many more questions about what happens to us—our essence—after death and what our destinies truly mean in the grand scheme of things. This tale is really about transformation and redemption. Although approaching Eckert’s story from a philosophical angle makes this tale is a difficult read since questions of theology, morality, and philosophy are never really answered, the author does manage to provoke curiosity in those who wish to delve into issues of the Afterlife; questions of our existence beyond mortality and what more there might possibly be waiting for us in the Great Beyond.

There are sections of this novel that do run on excessively, with the characters’ inner dialogue either motivating or degrading their own existences. Although this introspective chatter does serve a purpose in demonstrating each character’s thought process and motivations, their diatribes are much too repetitive, contributing little to the overall advancement of the plotline. There are also a few grammatical errors in Eckert’s novel, but these should not detract a reader from the overall enjoyment of the novel.

All in all, “When I Died” is a fascinating look into the Afterworld, with adult themes, violence, and sexual content. I would recommend this story to readers age 17 and up.

Find “When I Died (Archangel Secrets Book 1)” by Elizabeth Eckert on Amazon & Kindle here.

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