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“Faerie Rising: The First Book Of Binding (The Books Of Binding 1)” by A.E. Lowan - IHIBRP 5-Star B

A Marvelous Dark Fantasy Thriller!

In “Faeries Rising”, Author A.E. Lowan introduces a cast of unique characters whose flaws capture the essence of humanity without being completely human themselves. The author challenges her characters to rise above extreme and dire circumstances and overcome their weaknesses in order to realize their destinies. While her main protagonist, Winter, acts as a sole caretaker for her incapacitated father, Lowan also presses her into dealing with a grave drug addiction, putting her abilities to save her beloved city in great jeopardy. Cian, a shy and introverted Fae prince in hiding, must come to terms with a past laden by sexual abuse and trauma before he can become the ruler he was truly meant to be. Jessie, Winter’s teenage apprentice with a bad attitude toward authority figures, is out of her element in the human world, but finds solace and acceptance among Winter’s kind. Each character in this plot line is fully developed and thoroughly engaging. Each is a perfect foil for the situations ahead, possessing qualities and skills that translate well to fantasy and action readers alike.

Although there is some graphic language and mild adult content in “Faeries Rising”, Lowan’s book is a great read for paranormal fantasy fans ages 13 and up. Teens will relate well to the younger characters trying to find their places in the world while adults will understand the value that role models have in forging eager young minds.

Throughout her tale, Lowan’s writing is vivid, fluid, and lyrical... “He could feel her warm hands—she always had such warm hands-tucked away like little brown birds in his own.” But don’t expect the usual, lighter fairy fare from “Faeries Rising”, for this story focuses on a dire battle for control of both worlds—Fae and human—and the imposing, malicious threat presented between the pages of this book is nothing to be ignored. And while the author’s colorful flowing narratives weaving their way between dialogue and action scenes may test a hardcore action-lovers patience, a truly brilliant, imaginative, and well-constructed dark fantasy lies at the heart of “Faerie Rising”.

A.E. Lowan’s “Faerie Rising” stands not only as a marvelous paranormal thriller but as a distinctive suspense tale set against the backdrop of a city on the edge of destruction and a group of allies who must all depend on magic and each other for its salvation. The battle for Seahaven will be fought and won, but by whom and at what expense?

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find “Faerie Rising: The First Book Of Binding (The Books Of Binding 1)” by A.E. Lowan on Amazon & Kindle here.

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