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“The Tannis Project” by Daryl J. Ball - IHIBRP 4-Star Book Review

A Unique Look Into A Vampire’s Personal Life!

Have you ever wondered how many ways there are to make a vampire? How do vampires feel about being vampires? Do vampires have families? How do they reconcile feeding on humans with their religious beliefs? Do they (Ahem...) “go to the bathroom”? Author Daryl J Ball does a remarkable job explaining all the various and minute aspects of being a vampire, along with providing a window into their history and culture, in “The Tannis Project”.

Ball’s 200-year-old vampire Sire, who commonly refers to himself Tannis, communicates his thoughts and life-experiences via a weekly blog—which he sometimes yields to guest hosts who can be as humorously morose and witty as they are dangerous. In this blog, Tannis is as candid and sincere host, discussing his turning, his past deeds, and his depravity as easily as he talks about the finer, more classical aspects of living an undead life. We often see him struggling to fit his dark lifestyle into the human world so he can maintain his romantic relationship with a human female with whom he has become enamored and become a role model, of sorts, to her teenage son.

Although the plot line itself reads more like a vampires owner’s manual than a work of fiction, with its sometimes drab and matter-of-fact commentary followed by responses to the lead character’s daily Q & A sessions, through his blog, the author’s provocative and compelling lead character establishes a unique and intimate bond with his fans, leading them by the hand through a complex world that is both simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar. Even the most knowledgeable vampire and Lycan aficianados will find more than a few surprises in store.

This story, as a whole, moves along at a random pace. It often seems as though this diary—or memoir, if you will—is made to enhance Tannis’ appeal as a leading man and father figure and to dish out a series of facts and events rather than propel a complete story.

Fans of the living dead who just can’t miss out on otherworldly trivia, as well as those who would be captivated by an autobiography/biography on a segment of the Children of Darkness, are likely to enjoy this read. I recommend “The Tannis Project” for ages 17 and up due to adult content and violence.

Find “The Tannis Project” by Daryl J Ball on Amazon & Kindle here.

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