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“The Ghosts of Morgan Street” by P. J. Mann - IHIBRP 5-Star Book Review

A Gritty Mystery Reflecting The Plight Of The Homeless!

P. J. Mann brings to light a story containing adult themes, violence, and criminal activity that effectively demonstrates the true-life struggles, hardships, and abuse suffered by society’s homeless and underprivileged population. “The Ghosts of Morgan Street” is a gritty, hard-hitting story that confronts the plight of the homeless through the eyes of the homeless. According to her foreword, Mann was inspired to write “The Ghosts of Morgan Street” after a chat she happened to have when, one day, she met a homeless man in the park. His story reminded her that we must all, as human beings, realize that our own situations, or that of someone we love, could change at a moment’s notice at any time and on any day.

“The Ghosts of Morgan Street” is an absorbing page-turner that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Mann injects plenty of humor into a story that contains glaring truths, as well as much sadness and strife, making this a more enjoyable story for her readers without detracting from the seriousness of the overall theme. This book does have issues with the dialogue between her characters, which sometimes sounds much too formal, stilted, or unnatural when read aloud, however, the plot line and characters more than make up for the conversational faux-pas contained therein. There are also a few misapplications of native terminology. For instance, this novel is set in New York City, yet the characters refer to the time as international/military time in place of the standard twelve-hour clock to which Americans would adhere—saying, “6 PM” or “6 o’clock”, and not 18:00. The intensity and drive of this story, however, remains unaffected by these misuses in dialogue.

Overall, this shocking but poignant read is a message to all of us that it’s time to take note of how we treat the less fortunate. Mann’s message is not for the faint of heart, or for those who want to shield their eyes from the truth, but for human beings who genuinely wish to confront our societal issues head-on and work towards resolution. Perhaps Mann’s main character, Jake, sums it up best when he offers his opinion on the state of the homeless... a statement that very well applies to most of the underprivileged souls who wander our world—“We are living ghosts waiting to become real ghosts.” Note: This read contains adult situations, explicit sex, and some violence—I would recommend this novel only for those ages 17 and over.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find “The Ghosts of Morgan Street” by P. J. Mann on Amazon & Kindle here.

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