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“The Royal Search for Shenanigans: The Secrets Of Zen Castle” by Nita Marie Clark and Kathy Doherty

A Grand Adventure To Uncover A Royal Family Secret!

Set in modern times, yet dependent on centuries past, Princess Lillian and company set out on a grand adventure to uncover a family secret and locate the O’Toole dragons before they are forever lost.

“The Royal Search for Shenanigans” is an enchanting tale that comes complete with a Princess Rule roster—encased in a silver frame, of course—which has been handed down from generations of former princesses for all the future young heiresses in training. Each chapter of the book follows the Princess Rules as Lillian and her friends gather clues, relatives, royal subjects, and magical beings to help complete their noble quest. In the process, Lillian learns that being a royal princess means holding many more responsibilities than she could possibly have imagined, but trusting in the friendship and support of others can create magic. Although it seems geared more toward little girls than boys, Clark’s imaginative and upbeat story is perfect for most young children between the ages of 4-10. She creates, within the framework of her tale, a template of proper etiquette, including respect for elders, taking responsibility for one’s actions, maintaining a positive attitude, and believing in one’s self and others to accomplish a goal. Doherty’s sketches—which are peppered throughout the book—lend a bit of charm and whimsy to the story.

“The Royal Search for Shenanigans” is a great tool to introduce young readers to chapter books since the individual sections are long enough to qualify as an adequate bedtime read for younger listeners, yet short enough so as not to overwhelm burgeoning new readers. Parents will enjoy this enchanting teaching tale as much as their little princesses and princes. Just a note—I did find it odd that the Table of Contents for “The Royal Search for Shenanigans” Kindle version was found at the end of the book rather than as a traditional preview before the story, but whether this was an intentional placement or not, it seemed somewhat appropriate that Clark and Doherty, who present quite a few hijinxes within their story, would conclude their tale with a slight trick of their own.

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Find “The Royal Search for Shenanigans: The Secrets Of Zen Castle” by Nita Marie Clark and Kathy Doherty on Amazon & Kindle here.

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