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“A Travel in Time to Grand Pre: Second Edition” by Michele Doucette - IHIBRP 5-Star Book Review

A Metaphysical Read Packed With History & Startling Revelations!

Complete with reviews, an addendum, genealogical charts, an impressive bibliography, and more, “A Travel in Time to Grand Pre” by Michele Doucette is an absorbing tale about a young woman who discovers that she is a direct descendant of Yeshua (Jesus). This convincing novel reads much like an historical account rather than a work of fiction, and the story will have many readers questioning whether Doucette’s work could indeed contain a certain amount of truth.

In a move that is rare for most historians and researchers, Doucette manages to transcend her volumes of research on this genealogically based story to pen the fictional tale of Madeleine, an unwitting time-traveler who is transported back to 1754 to live a half-life in Acadia (Nova Scotia) during the British occupation and deportment of the French population. There, Madeleine meets two key figures; an older woman who will mentor her and who, in an alternate life, is a prominent member of the Knights Templar, while the other is a man with whom she could fall in love.

From the beginning of her stay, Madeleine is taught about her bloodline and her rightful place in history, even as she witnesses the British’s cruel deportation of Acadia’s populace which was so beautifully expanded upon in the classic poem “Evangeline”. Doucette succeeds in capturing the poignant sentiments of the helpless French colonists as well as the urgency with which the British dispatch takes place in a stunningly short sequence of events while the overall story is rich in detail and conveys the proper sentiments of a populous who forever lost their homes due to national conflict and political maneuvering. As a novel, “A Travel in Time to Grand Pre” is a rich and remarkable read. Doucette’s plot line is intriguing and holds the reader’s interest while her characters are genuine, true to their time-periods, and well-rounded. There are twists and turns to this story that will have readers avidly turning the pages while the inclusive adventures, stunning revelations, and fascinating secondary characters will compel one to take their time and savor this unusual metaphysical read. Although the story deals with matters of enlightenment and spirituality, the tale of Madeleine is not too pressing or heavy on these themes. Rather, the reader receives the central message of this novel in the form of an ancient document—a handwritten letter by Yeshua himself which is inserted at the end of this tale.

Overall—as an historian specializing in the life of Yeshua and his times, an author of a novel series in a similar genre, and a direct descendant of those dear deported Acadians—I found this novel quite fascinating, enriching, and hard to put down. I firmly believe that Doucette’s work will touch many other readers in the same way.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website at under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find “A Travel in Time to Grand Pre: Second Edition” by Michele Doucette on Amazon & Kindle here.

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