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“Miracles Not Included” by C.A. King - IHIBRP 4-Star Book Review

A Sweet Romance That Proves Miracles Are Real!

Is it any wonder that without the small, everyday miracles in our lives—interferences by Fate herself, perhaps—we would all end up lonely and alone, living our lives with nothing more than ourselves and possibly a pet to keep us company? Think about how you landed your most recent job... How you found your latest pet... How you met your significant other… In the end, wasn’t it all just a simple twist of Fate? Fate is the premise of C.A. King’s sweet romance about a young couple drawn to love by a series of happenstances… so-called miracles, great and small, that continue to alter the direction of their lives. The author presents few characters in her plotline, but each person she introduces is integral to the telling of her story. Although her main characters’ background information is quite brief, their pasts are discreetly highlighted, what is revealed is pertinent, and they are long on personality. King’s featured couple is one whom readers will find affable and truly engaging. It’s easy to care about what happens to them and whether or not their plans for the future will turn out well.

“Miracles Not Included” is an easy read that takes no more than one sitting to absorb and will leave you wanting more. But, the book does deal with more serious fare as the life of King’s young couple progresses. Following the theme of “in sickness or in health”, King effectively balances her tale as a charming and casual romance, even as her young couple, Chris and Jason, come face-to-face with a grave health crisis that may, in the end, tear them apart. As the partners move forward, the author reminds her audience that not all that glitters may be gold, but sometimes, if you scratch the surface just enough, you’ll find a real treasure waiting... You just have to open your heart to let it in.

Find “Miracles Not Included” by C.A. King on Amazon & Kindle here.

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