“Sally” by J. Schlenker – 5 Star IHIBRP Book Review

Her Story Will Remain With You Long After The Reading Is Over!

“Sally” is an enthralling read based on actual history. It is apparent that the author went to great lengths to research her subject, not only recounting more than 100-years of African American history but the American journey as a whole. Focusing on both past and present, Schlenker touches on powerful pivotal issues that steered the direction of the nation during the late 1800’s to the turbulent 1960’s and beyond. In this multi-generational fictional biography, her main character speaks with candor about slavery, segregation, emancipation, duty to home and country, ethics and morality, and basic human rights while presenting an entertaining but somber, and oftentimes shocking, tale about a woman of color and her family’s American experience at the turn of the century.

“Sally” certainly tugs at the heartstrings, for by the time one finishes this tale, her story will remain with you long after the reading is over. There is unspeakable cruelty doled out upon many of the characters in this book, but there is also a strong sense of family and friends drawing together to overcome great odds and meet impossible goals. It is a book in which you will mourn one moment only to cheer and celebrate the next. The author has thought to include extraordinary photos of the titled character and her relations in her book along with historical and genealogical research that supports this story. There is also a short bibliography at the end of the book. “Sally” effectively depicts life as it was during a terrible time in U.S. History and reflective of those times is the now objectionable language harkening back to the days of slavery, bigotry, and ignorance—particularly in the use of the “N-word” when referring to two characters’ names in particular. The use of any such terms, however, is based on the actual history of that time and drives home the extreme prejudice and hardships that were endured by African Americans. This book would certainly be a valuable accompaniment to any high school or college course relating to American History, African American studies, the Civil War, or the Civil Rights movement. I highly recommend this novel for anyone who wishes to understand the high cost of fighting for what is right and what it means to be truly free.

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