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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Nine Lives (The Bete Book 2)” by Stephanie Barr

This Amazing Planetary Adventure Sets A High Bar For Sci-Fi/Fantasy Reads Everywhere!

In “Nine Lives”, the second chapter in Stephanie Barr’s Bete Series, despite having found a rudimentary home on their newfound planet, both humans and Betes continue to fight old prejudices and breed in-fighting, even as the group’s leader is hit with a mysterious disease and an old nemesis threatens the newfound colonies with plans to eradicate the newcomers.

Barr couldn’t have surprised her readers more than when she grooms her hot-headed Bete engineer, Laren, to take charge of this rag-tag group of interplanetary refugees. What amazes everyone the most is that Lauren not only seems to be holding his own as he defends his own people but overcomes some strong personal issues and prejudices when he shows his true colors and becomes a great leader in his own right.

The plotline of “Nine Lives” is fast and furious as threats and attacks continue to loom on every horizon. Breaking the tension, and adding a great deal of tongue-in-cheek humor, is the passive-aggressive romantic interplay between Darma and Laren as they dance around each other while trying to coordinate some pretty major military-style maneuvers.

Like its predecessor, “The Bete Book”, “Nine Lives” is rich in adventure, mystery, thrills, and chills. Barr sets a high bar for Sci-Fi/Fantasy authors everywhere with this amazing adventure saga, and though I haven’t reached the final conclusion of this series yet, I already know that the Bete Books will go down as one of my all-time favorites reads!

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