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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Re:Camelot: Part One: The Descendant of the King” by E C Fisher

Creative... Imaginative... And Filled With Magic And Adventure!

The familiar, but much-beloved tale of “Camelot”—a tale still fascinating readers across the globe, is the framework supporting E.C. Fisher’s continuance of the famed legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. After being plucked from his lonesome life at a boarding school, Fisher’s Arthur—a direct descendant of the medieval British superhero, follows in his forefathers’ footsteps—gathering an assortment of multi-talented individuals who are destined to become his favored knights, and who will inevitably save the universe.

This Kindle Short Read represents the first installment of what may yet prove to be a well-sought-after novel series for both pre-teens and young teens alike, while not excluding adults with a penchant for fantasy adventure. Though Fisher frames his tale in the here and now, this story has an other-worldly feel due to its interplanetary setting. His cast is led by strong male and female leads, and even though the characters are separated from their ancestors by many, many generations, it is obvious by the plotline incidentals that the author has taken great pains to maintain the integrity of the original Arthurian lore.

“Re:Camelot”, the first chapter in what is to become a short novel series, is one of discovery, with Fisher reacquainting his readers with Arthurian folklore, gathering his heroes together, and setting the stage for future events. The plotline is filled with surprises, moves ahead at a good pace, and holds the reader’s interest as Fisher builds a sense of anticipation for the next chapter in young Arthur’s quest.

Creative... Imaginative... and filled with magic and adventure, “Re:Camelot” is a great teen and young adult read that will take any reader through the lazy days of summer or those of long winter nights.

Congratulations to the author on this award-winning story! This novel will be permanently featured on my website under IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Reads!

Find “Re:Camelot: Part One: The Descendant of the King” by E C Fisher on Amazon & Kindle here.


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