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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Bitter Beginnings: Fallen Cross Pack: Book 1 (Fallen Cross Pack Series)”

A Masterpiece Of Paranormal/Fantasy—Bring On Book 2!

Captivating and suspenseful, Aliya DalRae’s “Bitter Beginnings”—a Kindle Short Read—grabs you from the very start with a torrid forever-romance and non-stop action. Patrick O’Connell is living the life he always dreamed of, filled not with riches, fame, or glory, but blessed with a woman he truly loves—his dear wife, Maggie, and the light of his life, his young daughter, Jessica. But the life that Patrick loves is about to change drastically as he strays into an alley one evening and is attacked by a vicious predator—a werewolf. Patrick’s subsequent transformation and entry into the Fallen Cross pack is described by DalRae in a chilling and calculated manner as the newly made shifter acclimates to his wilder side, even as he longingly recalls the small but close-knit family he left behind.

“Bitter Beginnings” is a riveting and compelling read as we follow Patrick’s journey into a nightmare world where he is obligated to do the evil bidding of his Alpha or suffer the consequences. Even as he suffers great humiliation and degradation as he strives to put up with the life he never asked to be a part of, Paddy’s dream to return to his beloved Maggie is paramount to this story—tugging at the heartstrings of even the most hardened heart.

DalRae’s vision of what it must be like to suddenly have a life upended and turned on its head is simply astonishing in its simplicity and yet deep in its humanity. Her characters are so very real and fleshed out, anyone would feel like they are… well, part of the pack. This book will make you cry as Patrick loses everything he has ever known, cringe at the depravity of the Fallen Cross pack’s Alpha, cry for the loss poor Maggie and her young daughter have suffered, and cheer when Patrick finally decides to take control of his own life. All in all, DalRae has written a masterpiece of paranormal/fantasy. Bring on Book 2!

Congratulations to the author on this IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Read! Find “Bitter Beginnings: Fallen Cross Pack: Book 1 (Fallen Cross Pack Series)” by Aliya DalRae on Amazon & Kindle at


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