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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Caligation” by Brhi Stokes

A Movie-Worthy, Pulse-Pounding Thrill-Ride No Hard-Core Sci-Fi Fan Should Miss!

High impact action is the hallmark of this thrilling, danger-riddled, paranormal dystopian mystery reminiscent of the “Golden Compass”, but geared toward mature teens and young adults. Stokes’ imagination seems boundless as she introduces the denizens of Caligation—both the title of her book and the name of the city/world where this story takes place—to her main protagonist, Riley, a stranger a new world. Imagine experiencing a severe car accident, blacking out, and awakening fearful and disoriented in some unknown hospital, escaping to the outside, and being chased by creatures the likes of which have only appeared to you in your worst nightmares. Indeed, Caligation is a different world than ours—And what a strange and unusual world it is.

There is no single word to describe Caligation—a place teeming with vampires, animal/human hybrids, and humans gifted with paranormal abilities. It is a Mecca of the weird and wonderful, where characters differ vastly in temperament and talent as they live life to the extreme and eke out their individual places in this bizarre society. Like “The Golden Compass”, the author endows her odd cast of characters with “effigias”—animal sidekicks that act as a being’s personal companion and spiritual guide. She further strengthens this relationship by determining that whatever happens to an individual also affects their effigia, and vice verse, making the bond between the pair, in essence, a matter of life and death.

Little else, however, is borrowed from “The Golden Compass”. The storyline itself is completely original and Stokes packs plenty of action into her plotline. The result is a real page-turner that Sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian, and paranormal fans will find difficult to put down—even for the briefest moment. The novelty of Stokes’ characters, and the mind-boggling scenarios she exposes them to, shows this author has a deep understanding of the dynamics of the mind, and as she compels her characters to find their way through a world fraught with rival gangs, hit-men, and monsters as she causes them to act and react to these situations in unpredictable ways.

With constant danger and life-threatening situations lurking around every corner and clutching at every soul, and a provocative and compelling mystery that bears solving, “Caligation” is a movie-worthy, pulse-pounding thrill-ride that no hard-core Sci-fi enthusiast can afford to miss.

Congratulations to the author on this IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Read!

Find “Caligation” by Brhi Stokes on Amazon & Kindle at

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