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4 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “To Cure!” by Francis Benedict

A Fast-Paced Suspense Thriller That Will Take Your Breath Away!

“To Cure!” is a fast-paced thriller that follows a huge cast of characters impacted by the illegal activities of a ruthless pharmaceutical company known as IngoSmart. When Dr. Adeishi Omani stumbles upon a plot to use vagrant children as guinea pigs to test their newly developed meningitis vaccine, her life is put in grave danger, and she must find a way to elude the hit-man IngoSmart has hired to find and kill her.

Benedict’s employment of a plot line standard that is usually found at the center of similar tales runs a well-worn course, however his expansion into the innocents—family members, friends, relatives, and paramours—affected by the hunt for Doctor Omani heightens the sense of drama and urgency to resolve this—and other issues—post-haste.

“To Cure!”’s plot may have been done and done before, but Author Benedict’s characters bring this story to life with colorful nosy neighbors who provide information to law enforcement officials without verifying IDs, bumbling hit men, and rambunctious boys who stumble upon a crime scene when they mischievously skip off to fish in a restricted area teeming with crocodiles and corporate criminals. Benedict tames this tense page-turner’s heightened sense of urgency with bouts of humor and silly situations, resulting in a well-rounded, endearing, and suspenseful thriller that most readers will enjoy.

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