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4 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “The Invention of Motherhood” by Dan Melson

A Mind-Boggling Futuristic Sci-Fi Thriller!

“The Invention of Motherhood” may be an unusual title for this mind-boggling Sci-Fi thriller, but this story is well worth the read. This story takes place far into the future, when an alien race has assumed control of Earth. It is a stunning saga about a couple’s determination to bear a child using the old ways—allowing the laws of nature and nurture rather than cold science shape their unborn child. It is also a window into what we may become by holding onto beloved traditions and the old ways while forging ahead with the new.

The author structures his complex society on a class system that is quite unfamiliar to the Earthlings of our own time, but nonetheless fascinating in its intricacy and blending of Earth and alien cultures. In Melson’s universe, everyone—administrators, superiors, generals, soldiers, pilots, passengers, man, woman, child (even those still in utero), and pets—can communicate freely and over great distances through their thoughts. Husbands and wives use telepathy to maintain close contact when they are worlds apart, allowing for both casual and intimate conversations anytime it is appropriate. Even children in utero are able to learn from both parents, and pets are kept from displaying “bad behavior” through an owner’s brief mental command. It is the psychic bond between family members and pets that makes Melson’s futuristic Sci-Fi adventure so astonishing and endearing.

Although “The Invention of Motherhood” is a difficult but absorbing read, complex characters and back-stories lend a sense of realism to the events of this novel. While the author assigns each main character a family, a job, a home, an education, a wish for a legacy, and a philosophy by which they live, they are also uniquely qualified to be on their own even though they are all tied together by the demands of a complicated society.

And what a complicated society is it… Melson creates whole new worlds that are as varied and imaginative as they are possible. Aside from the exotic places and the amazing technology that Melson presents in his novel, however, he unnecessarily spends too much time explaining—in great detail—the many cumbersome and mind-bending astronomical and mathematical calculations involved in his characters’ space travels and the monetary exchanges between economies. Still, futuristic tech-lovers and developers will revel in Melson’s astonishing creations—his spacecrafts, architecture, habitats, and ecologies.

On a side note—dog-lovers are in for a treat, for in “The Invention of Motherhood”, readers will find that the canine species has become the future’s most beloved and sought-after commodity, and More and Lady, Grace’s constant companions and sidekicks, add much to the enjoyment of this novel.

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