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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “The Silver Feather” by Joanne Van Leerdam

A Suspenseful & Chilling Tale Of The Macabre!

Young Phil begins to experience whispers from the grave as he searches for meaning in a prospective teenage paramour’s premature and unexpected death. But is it his true love calling out to him, or is it something… else?

Although I am familiar with Joanne Van Leerdam’s amazing poetry collections, I was pleasantly taken by surprise at the ease and familiarity she has demonstrated in slipping into the genre of short-story horror. This well-balanced story of lost love and a life cut short by an inane act of violence stimulates deep emotions as Van Leedam presents a tale of a teenage boy who has lost the opportunity for love when the object of his affection becomes the victim of a senseless homicide. With well-rounded and familiar characters, who are nestled into a deceptively simple plotline, the author demonstrates a keen ability to turn everyday happenstances into a string of fateful events leading to a final destiny. In other words, she connects her readers to the hereafter where both good and evil influences battle it out to win the right to lord over or shepherd human souls to their ultimate ends.

Even as Phil presents as a typical teenage boy with average interests, whose main thoughts lie on the only girl he has thus far completely fallen for, hints of a sinister evil begin to permeate the plotline, urging the reader forward in a quest to delve deeper into this macabre tale. Something about having his only love stripped from him at such a young age, and Phil’s daily visits to the graveyard, takes on dark tones as our protagonist plunges deeper and deeper into his despair. When Phil gives in to his obsession to somehow find a way to reunite with his lost love, Van Leerdam expertly mounts the tension, instantly putting readers on edge. The monsters remain in the shadows, however, as the author exercises an Hitchcockian restraint to never disclose the villain so early as to spoil a reader’s mounting suspense, and as she builds toward the shocking conclusion of her work, savoring every terror-filled moment, Van Leerdam reveals Phil’s worst nightmare.

In “The Silver Feather”, Joanne Van Leerdam’s genius for story-telling is put on display for all the world to see, and I heartily recommend this short read for teens and young adults. But, be warned, readers… Even the most hardened horror fans will want to read this novel with the lights on.

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