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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Sea of Twisted Souls (Mystical Island Trilogy Book 3)” by Megan Cutler a

A Stunning And Surprising Adventure!

A startling revelation accompanies the return of Damian Cooke and a long-anticipated family reunion runs completely askew in Megan Cutler and James Abendroth’s “Sea of Twisted Souls (Mystical Island Trilogy Book 3)”.

Cutler and Abendroth’s marvelous traveling island tale picks up 16-years after Damian leaves Sentomoru, Catilen, Morulin, and the twins behind to explore the universe. His return home is fraught with danger as a sinister entity follows him back with the intention of taking over the island. Can Damian overcome the mistrust and betrayal Morulin feels as a result of his abandonment? Can he forge ties with his one and only son, Darien—one of the twins born to Catilen? Can the family come together to protect their family and home from being torn apart forever? These issues are all surmised and dealt with in this edge-of-your-seat mystery by the writing team of Cutler and Abendroth.

Although“Sea of Twisted Souls (Mystical Island Trilogy Book 3)” doesn’t hold up well as a stand-alone read, since it is dependent on the prior history contained in Books 1 & 2, the improvement in Cutler & Abendroth’s writing—their character development and the force of their plot line—shows much growth and understanding of their readers’ needs to see through a difficult family situation while savoring a complex and mysterious fantasy adventure. The vision and force behind their work in Book 3 not only keeps to the ever-growing mythos of the island and the familial bonds it keeps close, it picks up the bits and pieces of a family that has been torn apart by both time and a lengthy estrangement, sweeping the reader along on a stunning and surprising adventure that makes the entire series worth getting to this point.

Find “Sea of Twisted Souls (Mystical Island Trilogy Book 3)” by Megan Cutler and James Abendroth at Amazon & Kindle at


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