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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Orbs of Trenihgea: Science Fantasy (Rites of Heirdron Book 2)” by Newlan

A Complex And Imaginative Sci-Fi Space Opera!

Sci-Fi fans will relish every moment of Newland Moon’s “Orbs of Trenihgea: Science Fantasy (Rites of Heirdron Book 2)”—A grand space opera reminiscent of Frank Herbert, Alan Dean Foster, and Gene Roddenberry’s best works.

Although “Orb of Trenihgea” is a difficult read, with nearly impossible-to-pronounce and unfamiliar names for its colorful cast of characters, stunning places, and impressive technology, it is a highly imaginative and complex plot that drives this grandiose Sci-Fi thriller. Newland Moon’s immeasurable creativity spawns an amazing galactic civilization divided into a stunning array of microcosms—most of whom are bent on ruling the entire galaxy and will do so at any cost. And yet, among these worlds are those individuals who stand out as leaders and villains, and kings and queens, as armies jostle through the stars for power and control.

Moon focuses on dozens of characters for whom she has developed a unique set of fallibilities and talents, making them eminently suited to the telling of her tale. The political sub-plots in Moon’s story may be familiar, but she spins a heavy yarn around spies and politicians, intertwining each individual and group within this immense political Sci-Fi thriller with its own genesis, sweeping the reader forward as plot twists and resolutions fly by faster than light speed.

Although this jaw-dropping epic is the second chapter in Moon’s grand opera, I found no difficulty picking up the gist of the story. Moon provides adequate background information for her reader, and I would, therefore, consider her work as an apt stand-alone novel. All in all, “Orbs of Trinehgea” is a saga to be savored and, quite likely, to be read over and over again and again.

Find “Orbs of Trenihgea: Science Fantasy (Rites of Heirdron Book 2)” by Newland Moon on Amazon and Kindle at


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