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4 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Donna632: A new race of people is grown for sale” by Richard McStay

A Shocking Glimpse Into The Future Of Humankind!

With a title that explains his main plot line from the get-go, Author Richard McStay launches readers into a politically charged Sci-Fi space thriller that rivals the works of Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert. Complex themes and highly motivated characters drive this futuristic tale of one man’s quest to change a society that has little consideration for the human hybrids who support them. Known as “Partners”, these hybrid workers—adults and children included—are sold off to the highest bidder to provide free labor for those humans and corporations populating both Earth and Mars.

Questions of ethics and morality come to the forefront as McStay’s antihero, John—a sort of Renaissance man with a quiet demeanor and high moral values—is thrust into the public eye as he rises from poverty to assume a corporate position. John uses his newfound power and wealth to fight for Partner rights, spurring a beguiling and dazzling series of events that come to mark him and his adopted family as fugitives. Their efforts to right the wrongs and escape hired assassins bent on their family’s destruction, results in an interplanetary chase that will have readers glued to their seats up until the very end.

Readers will find McStay’s tale fascinating, horrifying, touching, and unforgettable. This read is a real page-turner. It’s unfortunate indeed that frequent spelling errors, misplaced homonyms, and fractured sentences generously pepper this story otherwise I would have assigned a 5 star rating for this novel. In the end, McStay’s penchant for driving this story forward with such fully-developed characters and surprising plot twists makes up for the cringe-worthy typos and grammar, and in the end, I recommend this novel for its cautionary tale of what the future might someday hold in store for humankind.

Find “Donna632: A new race of people is grown for sale” by Richard McStay on Amazon, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited at


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