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3 Star Book Review: Shifters Stand (Changing Times Book 3) by Shaun L. Griffiths

A Cannibal Zombie-Ape War Fest!

Shaun L. Griffiths’ fantasy novel, “Shifters Stand (Changing Times Book 3)” delivers its share of action and adventure, taking the reader into a world where human Shifters are able to take on the form of beasts. It is a tale that follows a cadre of fighters hoping to defeat the individuals responsible for wreaking havoc on their families, king, and country. But this is a violent tale—containing gory battles in which Shifters (in the form of hounds, pumas, and bears) fight a powerful wizard and his legions of minions—that stirs up a Zombie-Ape War Fest, featuring the cannibalization of both friends and enemies alike, that will give any middle-school child (ages 6-12) a lifetime of nightmares.

Griffiths’ heroes are—quite literally—larger-than-life characters fighting an impossible war against horrid villains and steep odds. The story is peppered with a sense of comraderie among the heroes, making the Good-Guys likable, and—on occasion—humorous banter serves to reduce the nausea stirred up by an overabundance of blood and gore, which is described by the author down to the last detail. Although there exists a great sense of kinship and loyalty among the members of the clans responsible for the defeat of their wicked foes, in some cases, their relationships seemed quite underdeveloped and—at times—somewhat juvenile. Certain characters may have benefited by having a higher level of maturity assigned to them, and—at least in one case—a deeper sense of intimacy… particularly with the relationship between Kerri and Carter (her main love interest).

I must confess that I was quite shocked to see “Shifters Stand” (Book 3) categorized on Amazon under the genres of children’s books and fairy tales. This novel is explicitly violent and graphic, and is—by no means—meant for children under the ages of 6-12. I would respectfully advise the author to reconsider the age bracket/ demographic for whom this novel is intended—which I would only recommend for ages 13 and up—and recast it in the appropriate genres in order to appeal to the right readers and avoid misrepresentation.

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