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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Blackmail, Sex & Lies: A Victorian True Crime Murder Mystery” By Kat

Sometimes Love Is A Poisonous Affair!

When social classes collide in Victorian Scotland, keeping two young lovers apart, a young woman’s search for love becomes a poisonous affair in Kathryn McMaster’s “Blackmail, Sex & Lies: A Victorian True Crime Murder Mystery”. But this is no standard Victorian romance—McMaster’s true-life tale of love claimed and lost steers her protagonists into disaster several times as they tear each other’s lives apart in their obsessive drive to be together. Little does Madeleine know the extent to which Emile will go, however, just to prove and secure his love for her—nor does she suspect he will end up dead as a result.

McMaster imbues this Victorian true crime mystery with just the right dose of doubt and tension, setting the reader on edge as she unveils each secret love letter exchanged between her paramours—Madeleine and Emile. As the author aptly doles out the circumstantial evidence leading to what in 19th century Scotland was dubbed as the “murder trial of the century”, readers are left hanging on the edge of their seats with their tongues lolling over all the juicy details.

Kathryn McMaster’s writing is superb, her characters are enthralling, and her plotline is just too irresistible to ignore. True crime fans , Victorian romance lovers, and history buffs alike take notice—“Blackmail, Sex & Lies” is your next favorite read and Kathryn McMaster is an author who will soon be headed for the best-seller list!

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