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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “The Thornless Rose: Fire Blush” by Samantha Fidler–Newby

Completely Satisfies One’s Appetite For Romance, Mystery, Magic, Adventure, and Fantasy!

A strong female cast populates this medieval-style fantasy novel by Samatha Fidler-Newby. “The Thornless Rose: Fire Blush” introduces readers to the precocious young woman, Viviana, whose magical abilities are quickly growing out of control—manifesting appropriately when danger calls but also when the royal-blooded lady’s hot-temper flares. Her father feels the answer to Viviana’s situation lies at the Sun Shrine, where she will be taught to hone her healing skills and learn to master her dangerous uncontrollable powers. As she sets out on an amazing journey to the city of the shrine, Viviana is accompanied by a colorful band of magical creatures, old and new friends, and long-lost family—not least among them, her gallant but enigmatic cousin Andrew, who has taken an oath to protect the young beauty whether she wishes him to or not. The mistrust and adversarial relationship between Vi and the handsome former knight threatens to upend their goals and overcome our heroine as she begins to fall in love with him despite familial ties and social taboos.

There is no lack of action, adventure, or magic in this band of rugged travelers as Viviana makes a harrowing journey toward Fate and her final destination. The trials and revelations come fast and furious as Author Fidler-Newby takes her characters through a harrowing course of challenges and discovery—revealing former truths, new familial ties, ruthless betrayals, unwanted abandonment, and hidden enemies at every turn. Readers will find it difficult to put down “The Thornless Rose” for even a moment as this well-written, moderately -paced tale focuses on how the adversarial relationships between Fidler-Newby’s characters are offset by their need to work together to fulfill a common goal. In its entirety, Fidler-Newby completely satisfies one’s appetite for romance, mystery, magic, adventure, and fantasy, and readers will not be disappointed by all that her amazing tale has to offer.

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