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4 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Topaz and Lace” by Amber Laura

A Western Romance With Just The Right Blend Of Humor, Sass, and Romance!

“Topaz and Lace” is a charming romance about a plucky young woman, Cassie Hastings, who travels to what seems like one of Texas’ smallest cow-towns to complete her degree in veterinary medicine. Her first day training on large animal care introduces her to her first client, the intimidating and arrogant cattle baron, Brannt McDowell, owner of one of the biggest ranches in the region and lord of his domain. McDowell appeals to Cassie’s eyes, but not her sense of propriety as she becomes the butt of his jokes and the seemingly unwanted pain in his neck, causing her to become the laughing-stock of the town. Only time will tell if Cassie can show Brannt, and the rest of Pantula, her competency as a veterinary candidate even as she finds that love may be lingering just around the corner.

Author Amber Laura’s tale contains just the right blend of humor, sass, and romance, and her characters are fully-fleshed and well-rounded. Throughout the story, I felt like Laura was presenting a factual account of Cassie’s adventures in Pantula, Texas, and the characters she interacted with were as life-like as anyone you’d meet on the street. The plot line runs smoothly and the back-stories of her characters are each quite absorbing. Blending this cast together to weave such a story took a good deal of creativity and knowledge about Western ranching and cowboy culture.

There were a few issues with the book, but nothing that impacted the actual enjoyment of the story. For example, this tale could have been benefitted from a more cerebral approach to Cassie’s education by placing the young vet-to-be in more challenging situations. Editing was adequate, with only a few grammatical and structural problems sprouting up here and there. I was a bit confused about both the book cover—which seemed rather juvenile, and the title of the book—which did not tie into the story, and I would respectfully suggest to the author that she consider changing the cover to something more suitable to her subject matter, and perhaps revising the text to include a reference to topaz and lace in order to make the title relevant to her story. Overall, however, Laura’s “Topaz and Lace” makes a relaxing weekend/travel/bedtime read with its quaint characters, charming western small-town appeal, and tempestuous romance.

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