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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Whisper of Color: Spectrum of Color Book Three” by S. K. Wee

One Epic Tale You’ll Cherish Forever And Never Forget!

S. K. Wee has done it again in “Whisper of Color: Spectrum of Color Book Three” as she masters the art of storytelling and reaches all new heights, making her Spectrum of Color Novel Series one of my all-time favorites—with this particular chapter standing out as one of her very best. With darker themes than her previous two books, “Absence of Color” & “Color of Evil” the plotline in this chapter finds Darby, Wagner, Frankie, Twig, Connie—along with their entire entourage of friends—up against formidable odds and insidious foes as they come together to celebrate the coronation of their new king, Ragnarr, and seek to heal both their land and people of the tremendous damage incurred by the corruption of the prior regime.

With so many characters, and their rich tapestry of back-stories, one would think it quite difficult to keep up with this saga, especially if the reader spent time away between chapters. But, Wee does an exceptional job reminding her readers of all the pertinent details of the story as well as the evolution of her plot line and characters. There is never a feeling of being lost or disoriented, and as the reader moves along, catching up on developing events, they feel very much at home in this author’s world. Don’t allow your mind to wander as you read this fast-paced, well-woven tale, however for there are more plots and plans in this one chapter than in past two Spectrum of Color books combined, making it impossible to skim chapters or speed-read this story. Wee tends well to her readers, immersing them in stunning side-stories, complex subplots, and amazing adventures, so plan on spending some serious time relishing this novel.

Although I cannot recommend “Whisper of Color” as a standalone novel due to the intricacy of its plot and characters, I can guarantee this is one epic tale you’ll cherish forever and never forget!

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