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5 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “She’s Not Gone” by Sarah Northwood

A Journey Into The Mindset Of Both Domestic Abuser And The Abused!

“She’s Not Gone” is a heart-stopping, tear-jerking, white knuckle read by Author Sarah Northwood that tells the story of Katie, a young woman suffering terrifying physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her jealous and controlling boyfriend, Daryl. This psychological thriller delves so well into the heart and mind of an abuse victim, one yearns to plunge into the pages of this book to render aid and comfort at every screeching hairpin turn and every horrifying incident as the clashes between Daryl and Katie continue to escalate. The story itself is so compelling that readers will find themselves begging aloud for the termination of this ill-fated union before the inevitable happens.

Northwood’s writing is impeccable in “She’s Not Gone”. The storyline is well thought out and the characters are complex. Katie herself is so endearing, the character feels as though she could be anyone’s little sister or the girl next door.

It is through Katie’s own personal rationalizations about Daryl’s escalating attacks that the author profiles real-life abuse victims, effectively demonstrating that they often blame themselves for their situations and make excuses for the individual inflicting harm. Just as in real life, Northwood builds on both Daryl and Katie’s frustration as the reader rides the dangerous rollercoaster that is domestic abuse. The author provides great insight into the dynamics of such a relationship, making this story feel more like a real-life account of an actual abuse victim rather than a work of fiction, and it isn’t until the very end of the novel that the reader finds a touch of the paranormal is at play, leading both Daryl and Katie to their ultimate fates.

Victims of domestic abuse should exercise caution in selecting this novel as entertainment. This is not an easy read for anyone who has either witnessed or experienced this type of situation. This tale is as real as it can get, and the author builds upon the terror and violence doled out by the abuser against his/her victim until there is no recourse but to act rather than react. At the same time, it is am intimate guide into the life of a survivor coping with the cost of misplaced loyalty and love.

This novel is a superlative read, and I strongly recommend it to anyone trying to understand the mindset of both the domestic abuser and the abused.

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