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3 Star IHIBRP Book Review: “Lights in the Night: Book One: The Ostinato Series” by Greg Alldredge

A Conspiracy Theorist’s Wet-Dream!

“Lights in the Night” is a quirky jaunt about a crooked British land-speculator trying to dig up information about a UFO sighting in a “smaller than small” Texas town that he and his brother hope to exploit. The story is filled with humorous and odd situations as Trevor—the afore-mentioned protagonist—meets up with a cast of stereotypical western characters and plunges into a conspiracy theorist’s wet-dream.

Alldredge’s main plotline is somewhat predictable, and—aside from the main protagonist, Trevor—the supporting characters seem a bit one-dimensional. The story is a familiar tale: Wayward stranger comes to weird town to investigate UFO incident, finds even weirder characters before things really get strange, and … Well, I won’t spoil the ending for you. All in all, however, the odd reveals and humorous detours Alldredge takes to reach his unprecedented ending are worth the trip for fans of this particular genre.

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